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Breakfast Topic: What have you kept over the years?

Playing certain characters in World of Warcraft, I regret some of the things I’ve sold off or simply thrown away over the years. My paladin, for example, which I created well before transmog was a thing, used to have a number of full (or nearly full) armor sets that looked great. Leveling her today, though, she just has a mismatched set of Warlords gear because limited inventory space in Burning Crusade and Wrath meant I trashed most of my armor sets when upgrades came along.

This regret has turned me into something of a packrat, where I want to keep everything… even though it’s hardly possible, even with Void Storage (and new collections for heirlooms and toys). Every so often, I have to comb through my storage space and decide what has to be kept and what can go. But even when inventory space is tight, there are some things I just won’t get rid of, like the tear-jerking Rhea’s Last Egg.

So tell us, readers: what items can you just not bring yourselves to get rid of?

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