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BlizzCaps: You’ve said it all

“While new Dalaran floats over Karazhan, Spectacular Death on Llane (US-A) decided to check it out,” writes guild leader Gimmlette. “If you are solely Alliance, you haven’t, maybe, seen the inside of The Filthy Animal, the Horde inn. For a very brief time, you can, as long as you’ve done the Broken Shore quest line. New Dalaran won’t show up if you haven’t been to the Shore and summoning to new Dalaran isn’t possible for toons who haven’t finished the quest line. We had a grand time poking about, eating of the suckling pig, roasting on the spit in the hearth and, whoa, LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THOSE KEGS! There was one for each of us. It took some doing, but we got up there, since there isn’t a stairway. (How is a guild secret.) Pinkel, Ollivor and Coggles (not visible) made it onto the chandeliers. We won’t say we drained them dry but we won’t admit we didn’t, maybe, sample, the brew. So, THAT’S why the Horde always hits Kharanos first before attacking Ironforge!”

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