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Emerald Nightmare raid

Does LFR matter anymore?

I’ve run Emerald Nightmare LFR. Once.

We got a question on the podcast about this and at the time I answered that LFR is still cool for people who don’t want to run Mythics and it’s still worth doing even in the face of World Quests, but now I think maybe I was wrong.

Because frankly, I don’t think I’ll ever run Emerald Nightmare LFR again, now that I’ve done it once.

Maybe it’s because by the time LFR dropped I already outgeared not only the ilevel requirement, I outgeared the drops I could get. LFR ilevel is 835, and I have several pieces at 850 or higher. I even have Mythic relics for my Artifacts. I don’t see any reason to run LFR now that I’ve done it — I’ve gotten the lore, and there’s no upgrades for me.

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That’s not necessarily a bad thing. That was LFR’s original stated purpose, to get people who otherwise wouldn’t get to see the story a chance to do exactly that. And I’m raiding Emerald Nightmare normal, and expect to raid heroic shortly, so ultimately it’s not like I need LFR to be an evergreen gearing treadmill. If I can get gear as good or better via Mythic dungeons and world quests, is that bad?

Maybe we need LFR to drop sooner in the future. People are clearing normal raid difficulty in one night, perhaps we don’t need LFR to wait a week and release in stages anymore. Maybe it should all drop the same night as normal/heroic raids. What do you think? Do we need to run LFR more than once for it to be worthwhile?

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