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The Queue: Of questionable appropriateness

Hello, Queuemans! Normally, I revel in any chance I get to write one of these all by myself — namely because it doesn’t happen all that often — but today, I’m solo Queue-ing because my dear frenemy, Liz, is in the hospital recovering from some pretty intense stuff.

As such, I’ll be… well, still kind-of reveling in my trip down Solo Queue Lane — but it will be reveling with the warmest of intentions and kindest of thoughts to our favorite Thursday-Queue-writer-who-isn’t-Mitch.

Myseri and Saik are all, “What even is a 725?”

(Myseri): Anyone know what else we maybe getting in Patch 7.2.5? Auction House Dance Party is… I guess cool-ish-maybe.

(Saik): Q4TQ: Ok, I’ll admit it. I don’t get this whole Auction House Dance Party thing. Is it a micro holiday? Is it ‘just because’? I’m at a loss. I usually don’t hang out at the AH, and when I do make a visit, it’s to the one in my garrison. By myself, on a mount, and with no one standing in my way. If this were April 1st I would have thought it were a joke.

Maybe I’m in a foul mood today, but adding a dance party to the Auction House is the last thing on a long list of things I’d like to see the devs spend their time on.

What we’re getting in Patch 7.2.5 is more or less what Lore outlined in the original Developers’ Notes post. That is, a couple story-focused scenarios (like the Chromie scenario and what seems to be titled ‘Azeroth’s Warning’), a couple more fun things like the Dance Party you mentioned, and of course, our very first Timewalking raid. Those are the big ones, but there are also a decent amount of classes being looked at closely and revamped in one way or another.

To address Saik’s point about developer time, I think this comes up a lot and is a big part of why devs get a lot of undeserved hate. “Developers” is a very broad term and in all likelihood includes the developers who work on the Auction House Dance Party and the ones who work on stuff like Argus or a new raid. But within that umbrella of “developers” are a lot more sub-groups. I honestly don’t know who exactly does what for all areas of Blizzard, but I suspect we’re getting smaller, fun things like this because a team that can do it is free to do it, and that same team does not have the expertise to do bigger things.

Think of it like this: Terran Gregory has finished all of the Legion cinematics and could spend a few months getting a head start on 8.0 cinematic content, or he could work on fun promotional stuff (like the Chromie promo for HotS) and still hit his 8.0 content deadline. Doing the Chromie promo isn’t delaying any 8.0 cinematics, nor is it taking away Terran’s input on something like the boss mechanics in whatever raid is next (because he doesn’t give that sort of input).

Oh, and shame on me for almost forgetting: We’re getting a transmog-focused Trial of Style. Niche? Sure. Loved intensely by its intended audience? Heck-freaking-yes!

Mythriak’s brain tank is hopped up on wackadoodles and has an idea for HotS:

I think we all agree that, in Heart of the Storm, Cho’gall is a success. His gameplay is unique and he’s well balanced.

Now, why not extend that?

Make The Lost Vikings a 3-Man Hero!!! Do you think this could be a good idea? How do you think they’d workaround it’s gameplay for it to become balanced with the other team?

While I’m all for more experimentation like Blizz did with Cho’Gall (who is a chaotic blast, by the way), I don’t think they should change Lost Vikings so drastically. Personally, I hate them. I tried them like once or twice in AI matches and that was the end of that. Thing is, some people really love their playstyle. They’re the micromanagement heroes for people with insane APM.

As for a 3-man hero… You’d have to lose one of the Vikings’ appeal in that heroes couldn’t really separate. At that point, you don’t have a 3-man hero, you have 3 thematically similar heroes who are weaker and maybe they’ll sometimes VOLTRON themselves together.

Oh hey though, that does remind me of Mimiron’s V-07-TR-0N form. Now that could potentially work as a 3-man… something. I think a 3-man hero would be too difficult purely because it could be the most powerful thing ever but you’d still lose lane coverage, which you can’t afford to lose. BUT! You could still make this work. So if we got V-07-TR-0N perhaps it could be a map mechanic like the Dragon, except three people are temporarily in control of the unit instead of just one. You’d be sacrificing lane coverage still, but only for a short time and with the benefit of a giant robot wreaking havoc everywhere.

Vin has given up on the Trans-dimensional Council of RNGs

Q4TQ: do you purchase bonus rolls? Beginning in WoD, I saw maybe a 5% ROI. I gave it a shot when Legion dropped and it was about the same %…I honestly don’t waste the gold or resources on them any more. RNG god will do what RNG god does…I will give no more offerings.

I do on my Priest, but that’s mostly because I basically get one free thanks to one of my Order Hall upgrades, and the other two wind up being something like 3,000 Order Resources total. Since I have a combat ally equipped with one of those pieces of gear that grant extra Order Resources every time I do a World Quest, I consistently have more Resources than I’ll ever need.

On my alts, I’m less diligent about it. If I know I’m about to fight a boss that has something I really want (tier gear or the Whispers trinket from Gul’dan), I usually try to make sure I pick up at least one. Otherwise, it’s a matter of what I plan to do week-by-week and how many resources I can spare.

Soeroah‏ (@Soeroah on Twitter) riddles a riddle for Riddle’s revelrous rival:

When is a void not a void?

When you avoid a void, there’s a void where that void would have been — both the original void and the avoidance void occupy the same physical space, but they are not the same. Oh no, they are not the same.

Raygor (@Raygorski on Twitter) knows I’ve gone back home:

How does it feel to be back Horde-side?

To be honest, it feels great. It feels right. I have always been Forsaken, and being a Night Elf Shadow Priest never quite felt… me. By no means am I a role-player when it comes to WoW — I transferred Alliance because I wanted to raid, I transferred back Horde because raiding was becoming more difficult and I prefer Horde. But playing my character as a Night Elf instead of a Forsaken felt kind of like playing your friend’s save file on a game you both own. It’s all technically the same, but you’re not playing your file. It might be fun to see small differences your friend made here and there or how a boss can be taken down with different weapons, but at the end of the day, you want to go home to the file you made, the one that is exclusively “you.”

Eno and Pavlo (@PEleftheriosP on Twitter)’s questions went to the same territory and focused on the Sylvanas short story:

(Eno): QftLordofDarknessMitch, has reading the new story Dark Mirror changed your feelings on anything at all regarding Sylvanas and Nathanos or anything else in the lore of WoW?

(Pavlo Probst): Ok, maybe this us better: Did you enjoy the new Sylvanas short story? I loved it, but now I’m so angry at anything Forsaken.

(Hey, if you haven’t read this short story, go do so now, because this answer will includes spoilers! If you’re obstinate, just skip this one and read the rest of the Queue.)

When it comes to Sylvanas and Nathanos, I’m totally happy that whatever the game dialogue was hinting at between them is pretty much confirmed. If there’s a way to give Sylvanas some sort of romantic edge, Nathanos is the best choice. Oh, and I love love love that Nathanos’ model change actually has a canonical explanation.

As for sacrificing Stephon… dang, man. It was a beautifully written tragedy, made all the more affective by those final lines. Honestly, it’s the sort of writing that I’m a sucker for. Does the final note of regret change my opinion of the Forsaken? If anything, it makes me more sympathetic toward them. Imagine being numb to everything and then occasionally — very briefly — feeling pangs of emotion for an old life that you can’t get back. Nathanos claims to have not felt it in ages, but there’s also part of him hoping he and Sylvanas can die and be together in whatever afterlife awaits them.

Become a Watcher

The Sylvanas/Nathanos stuff is evil, let’s be clear. But purely in terms of Forsaken living, everything between the two of them is about as romantic as those two will ever get. It’s twisted, it involves ritual sacrifice, and yet it still shows the two have cared for each other for a long, long time.

I know the Forsaken are evil. This comic didn’t make me think they’re any more or less evil than I already thought them to be — but it did add a new dimension to them that managed to not feel out of character. I love it.

(Side note: I wrote a lot more than I thought I would by this point so…. LIGHTNING ROUND TIME!)

ValenceMagi buried the lede:

Q4tQ: Would Forsaken gnomes make good shadow priests?

Also, what’s the deal with the total lack of daily quests that let you turn into a cat and just hang out in the sun all day?

Absolutely! Forsaken anything is great!

Magic Pet Mirror. Cat pet of your choice. Boom! Go hang out in the sun.

Raphtyr asks a question with no easy answer:

Are you guys planning on streaming tomorrow? I know Liz is still out of action, but you could play Diablo or even Starcraft co-op if you’re shorthanded!

We were. Then we weren’t because Alex’s PSU b0rked. Then we were again because I got into the Necromancer beta. Then we weren’t because they’re disabled at the moment.

So… maybe. Blizz seems determined to stop us, though.

Lotharfox just wants everyone to have fun:

Know Your Lore Tinfoil Hats aren’t exactly “fan fiction,” but they cross the line of “here are the facts” to “this is what I imagine…” Has the Blizzard Watch staff considered expanding on this, with more columns that let the writers use their imaginations? Either what they would want to see, or fan fiction of certain areas of the game (isn’t this how Liz got started?), or What if…? scenarios that are fun, if not likely?

I think one of the greatest appeals of this site is the writers and their personalities, and that comes through on live streams. But when it comes to writing, there are certain restrictions to the games and what’s there, and only comes out in an intro to the Queue, or occasionally when a writer relates a question to something personal to them. If there was more space for the writers, we could have more of the personalities coming through.

I really wanted to answer this in more detail, but I’m still keeping it here to remind y’all this is the sort of feedback that would be great in email! I love “fun” posts (this one is definitely a personal favorite) but a lot of it comes down to budget (for longer articles) and actual reader interest.

Feel free to talk amongst yourselves about what would constitute these sorts of lighter posts where we can get our personal tones across more easily. I’m definitely interested to hear ideas (though I’m not promising anything here — I really have no control over this stuff).

We can always count on Mistah Jay for some lighthearted BATTLE ROYALES TO THE DEATH!

Q4tQ 2 Bosses Enter: Neltharion (no Old God corruption) vs Alexstrasza

Who Wins?


Reclusive Creation‏ (@ReclusvCreation on Twitter) takes us home:

I ran into a Tauren in Mulgore the other day who claimed to be a Mage. “So cast a Mage spell then!” I told him. Next thing I know, I’m struck by lightning and sent flying backwards. “That wasn’t a Mage spell!” I yelled. “That was something only a Shaman could do!”

“I didn’t think you’d notice,” he said with a frown.

“Oh trust me,” I began…


( •_•)>⌐■-■


“I always notice a Thunder bluff.”

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