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The Queue: But what about Phoenixperson?

It’s not exactly a secret that I’m a big fan of Rick and Morty. This past Sunday was the Season 3 finale, and it… well, it was okay. I didn’t expect Evil Morty (like a lot of people apparently did), but I can’t decide if Phoenixperson showing in the premiere and then never again throughout the season is the most Roiland/Harmon thing ever, or if it’s the result of some behind-the-scenes changes they had to make mid-production.

Either way, it’s gonna be a long wait for Season 4. Here’s hoping we get a holiday special this winter. Anyhow, here’s The Queue.

Lotharfox isn’t so sure about them there Loa folk:

I have a theory:
In the scene where Vol’jin dies and passes on leadership, he says, “Windrunner, step forward. I never trusted you, but the loa whispered a name. You must step out of the shadows and lead.”

What is the name the loa said was simply, “Windrunner,” and didn’t give a first name? And we know now that Alleria Windrunner is shrouded in shadow, but at the time we didn’t, and Vol’jin certainly didn’t know she would be found.

What if the loa were saying Alleria should be the one running the horde?

This is actually something Anne and I were discussing recently, and I definitely think it has some credence. The thing about prophecies and their ilk is that they can be intentionally vague — it’s what makes them tricky to figure out until after they’ve happened.

I think with the appearance of Alleria, there’s a good chance the Loa had something else in mind when they spoke to Vol’jin. Right now, we haven’t seen too much in the way of leadership from Sylvanas, save for her machinations in Stormheim. I think once we actually see her do something specifically as the leader of the Horde — whether that be 8.0, 8.x, or some other expansion — we’ll have a better idea if the Loa were referring to her or not.

StylistShuanna has two questions, and I have like… idk, the equivalent of one answer:

Qft!: Is the Achievement “[Shoot First, Loot Later]” account wide or do I need to find all of the treasures on a single character? I finally managed to get to the Doomseeker’s Treasure and honestly – I rather not go through that again :)

Qft!: Does anyone know if there is an addon that makes it possible to show a characters iLvl (and possibly the amount of gold in the char’s inventory) right on the character select screen – and if so, what is it called?

  1. If you’re talking about finding, say, 21 of the treasures on one character and then the 22nd (and final) on a different character and then earning the achievement, I don’t think that’s how it works. Wowhead lists them as quests and doesn’t mention anything about the achievement being account-bound, so I think you need to get them all on one character. Plus, if it didn’t work that way, you’d have to choose which character to open each chest on instead of being able to get them all on every character. When servers are up, though, I’ll double check this.
  2. As others mentioned, Altoholic will do what you’re looking for, albeit not from the actual character-selection screen. I’m not sure any addon exists that would be able to do that, since (I think) the game loads them when you log into a character, rather than when you log into WoW.

Sorry if those were a bit vague. If anyone has anything more definitive, please feel free to (politely) say so in the comments.

Alex Clerm gives me a great idea for some fanfic:

So the other day my friend and I were playing our Alts late into the night (Her druid, my Warlock. Great pair right?). As I prepared to log off to go to bed, I had a weird thought… What does the Skull of Man’ari do when my Warlock is sleeping? Do you think it has a little cushion in the corner? Or does it try to snuggle under the covers? Maybe it goes out on its own to hang out with Knaifu??

I think some evenings, it’ll snuggle up with you to keep up appearances (and because it secretly loves snuggling), but most of the time, it probably floats off to go do stuff and things. I imagine Knaifu doesn’t so much float around as she does whisper into anyone within the vicinity, but the two of them probably have a weekly meet-up or something where they play Risk: Azeroth Edition.

Captain Cakewalk the Wub-Druid • 7 minutes ago

Q4tQ: Do you have a Boss in WoW that you love for a strange reason? I love Elegon from back in Mists because not only did he sound very derpy (in a cute, to me, way) but he was so darn funny to fight on my old Phenom because the fight ran at 4 or even 5 FPS on that system so I had to judge each frame as I was listening to him gab. *amused Druid*

Yogg-Saron is a favorite of mine for both obvious (Shadow Priest things) and less obvious (beating his hard mode back in Wrath is still a highlight of my WoW career) reasons. But outside of him, let’s see… I guess Ossirian the Unscarred from AQ20 comes to mind, just because I still remember waking up at like 6 a.m. to run with the super-awesome Singaporean group and clearing that place. My Warlock (still my main at the time) got the staff off him and I still use it — along with the rest of his Vanilla outfit — as transmog. Plus, he has a cool, blue model.

Image via Kotaku AU.
Razwick unintentionally reminds me that the Switch still has no signs of Animal Crossing:

So I’m just posing this out of curiosity for the varieties of creative that other people are.

QftQ: If you had a medium sized nerd/game room, and the freedom to paint anything at all on the walls, from base colours to murals to game logos etc. etc., sky is the limit, what would you adorn the walls with?

We’ve decided to go full-on nerd mural in the second bedroom/computer room and while I’m more curious about others would do than I am fishing for ideas, that’s not to say I won’t steal a few anyway ;)

Oh man, this is kinda tough. It’s also why I have a gigantic collection of floors and wallpapers in Animal Crossing — there are so many combinations that look totally rad it’s hard to pick just one. I’ve seen a few places (restaurants, roller rinks, etc.) that have done classic Mario-themed rooms, and I’ve always liked those. Picture the above, but maybe Super Mario World instead of Super Mario Bros. — of course, there are a lot of other games that would work.

What do y’all think would work well? Personally, it’s hard to pick just one theme… Good luck choosing, Raz! :P

Rik Osborne has a Shadow question that I think bugs most people:

Okay then, here’s one for you: Why does the new Shadow “rotation” feel like it’s geared entirely toward DPSing bosses in a dungeon/raid, while feeling painfully awkward for open-world leveling?


Simple answer? Because it is.

Shadow’s always had a bit of a ramp-up component that’s hindered its DPS in short-term fights, but Voidform sort of doubled down on that in a lot of ways. Granted, outside of Voidform, it’s not like we’re totally incapable of dealing damage, but we certainly get more use out of it in group content than solo content.

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However, I think there’s another issue going on here — player psychology and not wanting to “waste” Voidform in solo content. I know that the first few weeks of Legion, it took me a while to be willing to pop Voidform in scenarios that didn’t seem “worth it.” However, between Legacy of the Void and Lingering Insanity, I pop Voidform willy-nilly nowadays and — even if I don’t get maximum usage out of it — it still helps.

Similarly, if I use Voidform and something dies shortly after, I have no issues popping Disperson (to halt Insanity drain) and booking it to the next pack of mobs. It doesn’t always feel nice to use cooldowns in situations where they won’t be 100% utilized, but if you can get over that mental roadblock, it feels a little more useful out in the world.

andreios is curious about a thing:

Random Q: with artifact knowledge now automatic, how does that work with the appearance unlock that requires you to research the full history of your artifact? Does it just basically amount to “reach 110” now?

Yup! Back on September 1, this was included as a hotfix (since it initially was bugged to be unobtainable), and you just… well, get it, once you hit 110.

Lotharfox is the darkness in us all:

Ever wonder if the apocalypse of Earth is coming, and whomever is in charge of such things in the afterlife is putting together the greatest concert ever?

All the damn time, Lotharfox… all the damn time.

Mistah Jay is ready to rock… TO THE DEATH!

2BE: DeathMetalKnight vs ETC

Assuming we’re talking ETC the HotS character and not ETC the full band, I gotta say… I’m not really a fan of ETC. I don’t know if it’s because I find all his skins kinda boring or because he’s relatively basic as far as Warriors in HotS go (which, in general, is actually probably a good thing). On top of that, I have an affinity toward all things Undead, so I give this round to DeathMetalKnight.

Plus, that guy seems to always stay at “zero” health for ages before finally giving in and dropping dead for real. ETC hasn’t ever done that, to my knowledge.

Is it already time to say goodbye? Apparently so — but fear not! Unlike Rick and Morty, I’ll be back in the very near future. Until then, leave things for Liz. Let’s go back to nice things this week — puppies and the like.

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