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Adam Holisky

Adam Holisky @adamholisky — Adam has been publishing content about World of Warcraft for over seven years. Besides talking about dragons on the internet, he's also an accomplished software developer and enjoys flying around in small planes. He resides in Minneapolis, MN with his wife and two cats.

Tavern Queue: Star Trek

Welcome to The Tavern Queue! This is a new thing we’re going to try here – where instead of a Queue about, well, Blizzard stuff, we’re going to try a Queue about a certain Tavern Watch subject we’re interested in.

We’ll announce the topic of the next Tavern Queue in future editions, but for now check out the regular Queue and follow us on Twitter for the announcements. This week I’m going to answer a bunch of Star Trek questions. Why, you might ask? Because Star Trek is amazing and I want to.

Jabrone asked:

Since it’s “The Queue”… Explain Q in the Star Trek universe. Please and thank you.