The Queue

The Queue: Barbarian

My Season 11 Barbarian has 3 levels to go to hit 70 and I just killed Malthael, so it’s Adventure Mode for now. I’m still using the Seismic Slam build — I know it’s not the best GR clearing build, but I’m not likely to do Greater Rifts any time soon, so I’m just plugging away at my own pace.

Let’s talk about Blizzard stuff.

The Queue: Same, again

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!

I don’t know who exactly piped up at Blizzard and said “Hey, you know what we need? A disco, right smack in the middle of the Auction House,” but they deserve a raise. Or cookies. Or something along those lines, because this was without a doubt the best mini-holiday in game so far. The place was packed all day long, the Karazhan-disco fusion music was amazing, and everyone was thrilled to be there. I don’t know about every weekend, but I wish this were a monthly event, like the Darkmoon Faire. It was nice to just ditch all Legion-defeating responsibility and go hang out and dance for a while.

The Queue: A score to settle

Goblins or Gnomes? The ultimate showdown… coming to a Queue near you… right now!

Okay. I admit I don’t exactly have a score to settle and it’s not exactly a showdown. Mostly I just think Gnomes are pretty great, and I hope you do too.

The Queue: Two boats and a helicopter

Y’all know the drill.

The Queue: Eye of Azshara on the main map, diplomacy, and the day the music (didn’t) die

We’re going to jump into the Queue today. I’ve gotten to wax philosophical about music, in light of recent events, and it was fun.

The Queue: Tauren With Spear

Tauren just look natural holding big spears, don’t they?

One thing I love about the Wardrobe system is how I can wear the exact same mog on all my Warriors (and most of the same mogs on my Pally and DK’s, too.) My Tauren looks really cool in this set.

Okay, let’s get up to our Queue shenanigans.

The Queue: Same

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!

Don’t feel bad about yawning, Lisbeth. I’m pretty sure if I were stuck behind a counter in Stormwind for as long as you’ve been, I’d feel exactly the same way. Let’s get to your questions, why don’t we?

The Queue: Wednesday all over again

It’s Wednesday. I’m tired of this week and maybe you’re tired of this week, too, but Friday still seems a long way away. So in lieu of writing an entertaining and thematically appropriate intro today, I’m going to mimic Rossi and post a picture of a Warrior in the header. Dang, she’s adorable, right?

Now that you’re distracted by that random change of subject, I throw you into today’s questions.

The Queue: Ragebow Road

I spent a lot of time playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on 200cc with my brothers over the past few days, and, man, is it crazy how fast you go. It’s a blast, but it’s also as frustrating as you’d expect from a Mario Kart game. Worst of all is the newest rendition of Rainbow Road, which has a million ways to fall off and a level which I CANNOT SEEM TO DRIVE WELL ON NO MATTER WHAT.

Grumble grumble. Let’s do some question-answering.

Side bar: Man, you guys asked a lot of questions yesterday. It’s not usually hard to find a solid amount of them without having to pick and choose, but that wasn’t the case yesterday. My apologies if yours didn’t get answered!

The Queue: Shall we begin?

Between the mass murder and the ending line, last night’s episode of Game of Thrones set up quite a bit to happen in the future, and was nicely satisfying.

But damn you HBO for showing Hodor in the opening promos… Hold the door, time for some Queue questions.

The Queue: Nostalgia

So, who’s gotten a chance to run Black Temple in its Timewalking form yet? One step closer to all content being current, am I right? Well, I’m kind of kidding, but at the same time it’s actually sort of true, and that kind of amazes me.

This is the Queue. Let’s chat about Blizzard and games.

The Queue: Peekaboo

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!

I really just wanted a screenshot of the crazy pretty skybox over Wyrmrest Temple in the leadup to the Ultraxion encounter, but said dragon managed to photobomb every shot. I guess it’s not enough that he’s there to unmake the world, he has to ruin all my photos while he’s at it. …good thing he’s a loot pinata at this point.

The Queue: Supposedly not his fault

Jay: Did this change how Liz sees Mitch?

Liz: Mitch, the Queue is all inspirational GIFs and I blame you.

Mitch: I promise I didn’t encourage them in the slightest. Nope, not this Shadow Priest.

Liz: I guess to answer Jay’s question, no, this did not change how I see Mitch.

The Queue: Inspirational

I have a mild obsession with InspiroBot, and it is entirely thanks to you folks. I’m pretty sure Liz would not appreciate the comments consisting wholly of inspirational quotes, but I’m also even more pretty sure they would make me laugh heartily. Do with that information as you will.

Now, onto the good stuff — oh, and I’ve fixed last week’s oversight this time around. Very sorry about that!

The Queue: Now this is a mount and armor set

It last week’s Queue I lamented about being so close, but so far away from revered with Legionfall. Then it happened, and then the quest line finished, and then this beautiful mount was mine. Equipped the right armor and I don’t think I’ve ever felt as quite immersed in a video game since my Baldur’s Gate II days. And let’s not even talk about the quest; talk about a throwback to the classic days.

Which, by the way, I’m playing through again… such an amazing story and game that still stands up.

The Queue: Holy heck


Okay, there will be no spoilers here, but I just read a lot of them and my brain is reeling.

Let’s do the Queue.