Rfeann and Garona share some quality time
Encrypted Text: The best and worst of Rogue changes in Warlords As we wander aimlessly through this slowly widening chasm between the announcement of Legion and the first major release of information about what new changes the game has in store for Rogues, now feels like a good time to stop, take a step back and look at the adjustments that Warlords of Draenor brought to...

Rfeann vs. Rexxar: The Prequel
Encrypted Text: Your comment flurry on Rogues in Legion You’ve all clearly coated your keyboards with Feedback Poison, because the conversation in the comments section of the last Encrypted Text column was outstanding. You posted over a hundred comments in total, and most of it was really thoughtful, engaging discussion about what Legion might hold in store for our plucky, pointy-stick-swinging crew of thieves...

Skeleton's got 99 problems, but Demon Hunters ain't one.
Encrypted Text: How will Demon Hunters — and Legion — change the Rogue class? Suddenly, one day, a new melee DPS class sauntered into WoWville. And lo, the Rogue class was most displeased. The new class’s loot table overlapped with Rogues’. Elements of the new class’s gameplay felt too strong. There was widespread concern that players would flock from Rogues to the new class, leaving the Rogue population a...

Rfeann ponders a future with Sanketsu.
Encrypted Text: The illusion of rogue weapon choice What if every Rogue spec could only wield swords? Imagine: No more fretting over those raid daggers that just won’t drop, preventing us from using our Assassination spec. No more obsessing over lot drop tables and rationing Seals of Inevitable Fate or kill points. No more confusion over whether, and when, it’s better to equip...

Rfeann vs. the Gorebound Assassin
Encrypted Text: Hellfire Citadel 101 for Rogues Ah, Hellfire Citadel! A vast new raid to playfully plunder, a gaggle of new bosses to gleefully stab, a whole wor– wait, what just ambushed me in the hallway? Are there Rogue NPCs patrolling through this raid instance? Why is their stealth more effective than ours? Why does their Shadowstep appear to have no cooldown?...

Rfeann at the entrance to Hellfire Citadel
Encrypted Text: A guide to ShadowCraft, the raiding Rogue optimizer If you play a Rogue, and if you raid on that Rogue at any difficulty level, then sheath your poison-tipped weapons, grab a steaming mug of Thistle Tea and pull up a chair, my friends. There’s a thing or two you should know about ShadowCraft. ShadowCraft is an interactive tool, exclusive to the Rogue class,...

Don't ask a rogue if their daggers have dropped yet.
Encrypted Text: Patch 6.2 Rogue Q&A You can feel it in the air, like a scent on the breeze. Patch 6.2 has arrived, and with it we rogues have been bequeathed a new, fresh, verdant land, flush with unpicked pockets and unstabbed foes. Let us despoil it together, shall we? But first: some good old-fashioned Queue-style Q & A.

Rogue poisons
Encrypted Text: Our poison pill Rogue poisons. What are they good for? Obviously, poison design has changed a lot throughout WoW's history. The evolution of poisons over the years highlights a lot of trial and error on the part of WoW's game designers, and plenty of cases in which poisons had to be redesigned (or removed entirely) after players figured out ways to exploit them.

Rogue leveling
Encrypted Text: Rogue leveling vs. raiding Recently, some asked me a question that drove directly to one of the key aspects of playing a rogue that I've long found dissonant: That leveling a rogue feels completely different than raiding as one.

patch 6.2 rogue
Encrypted Text: An early glimpse of your patch 6.2 rogue The past few weeks have given us our first look at the changes in store for rogues in the next major content patch of the expansion. Join me, won't you, for a quick jaunt down patch 6.2 lane?

Ruffy offers valuable advice to Jack Nicholson's Joker: Blame Celestalon.
Encrypted Text: Grading our Level 100 rogue talents Let's take a moment to dole out some Warlords of Draenor mid-term grades for the newfangled set of toys rogues receive upon hitting Level 100.

Ruffy asks the trainer: What happens if I cast Shadow Reflection when it's cloudy outside?
Encrypted Text: A Rogue’s Questions In the spirit of the incredible Patreon response that allowed Encrypted Text (and the rest of Blizzard Watch) to return, this week we're going to do a The Queue-style Q&A column focused on rogue-specific topics that you've all requested. Stabtacular!

Ruffy vs. the Stat Sheet
Encrypted Text: Do secondary stats really matter? They’re some of the most common questions I see rogue players ask: After agility, which stats matter most? How should I gem and enchant? I always feel a little squishy in my tummy about answering questions like these in the straightforward way I know the person wants: By providing a laundry list of secondary stats in order of...

Ruffy vs. the Level 10 Rogue
Encrypted Text: Rogue leveling survival guide You can feel it, deep down in your soul. A rumbling, a restlessness. A need to skulk, to steal; to slice your enemies into thin, perfectly proportioned ribbons. You’ve tried to delay — oh, how you’ve tried! — but you can’t deny your base instincts any longer. The time has come to return to the...