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troll resto druid
WoW Archivist: Four iconic abilities returning in Legion The Legion alpha rolls onward, and we learn a little more about the expansion with each iteration. While nothing is guaranteed to make it live, it certainly looks like some of the iconic abilities that were pruned away during previous expansions, especially in Warlords of Draenor, will return. Some long gone abilities, like Detect Magic, have not been mourned...

hidden crypts of Karazhan
WoW Archivist: The hidden crypts of Karazhan During BlizzCon’s Q&A panel, Tom Chilton had a question for us: “What would you think about Karazhan as a five player dungeon in patch 7.1?” The crowd responded, to put it mildly, with unanimous enthusiasm. It’s not difficult to understand why. Karazhan is perhaps WoW‘s single most beloved raid. In an era when most raids had only...

WoW Archivist: 5 BlizzCon memories BlizzCon 2015 is only a few more days away! Every BlizzCon brings with it some big reveals, amazing fans, and unexpected moments. With a decade of BlizzCons behind us, we have a lot of fond memories, but we’ve narrowed them down to our five favorite moments from BlizzCons past.

Eagle Spear
WoW Archivist: Classic’s melee hunter and the abilities Legion might restore I’ll never forget a Hunter that I quested with in Stonetalon Mountains one evening in December 2004. He had two matching swords and he only attacked enemies with melee strikes. He didn’t even have a bow or gun equipped. I asked him why he was fighting that way. He said it was because the swords looked cool. I couldn’t...

Call of the Crusade logo
WoW Archivist: Call of the Crusade, patch 3.2 WoW players are deep into patch 6.2. Mythic Archimonde has fallen. Many of us have unlocked our flying achievements and now wait for actual flying to get patched in. While we wait, let’s look back at a very different time in WoW‘s history, a time when we faced Jaraxxus, when we struck down not one, but two jormungars,...

The Nexus
WoW Archivist: Timewalking dungeons of Wrath of the Lich King Timewalking returns this weekend. Last time we revisited the dungeons of The Burning Crusade. Now we’ll be walking back through time to the reign of the Lich King. Wrath of the Lich King revolutionized the way that players ran dungeons in patch 3.3. We no longer had to sit in cities, using chat to find other players on...

The Arcatraz
WoW Archivist: Timewalking dungeons of the Burning Crusade In the WoW Archivist column, we take you back in time to another era of the game. In patch 6.2, Blizzard is offering a way to do that literally.

gorum, a pale orc who drops a ring
WoW Archivist: Warcraft’s rings Most rings are little more than an icon and a handful of stats, but some are so much more. Let's take a look at the strange history of Warcraft's rings.

Flying guardian cub
WoW Archivist: Money and Warcraft The WoW Token is just the latest place where World of Warcraft and real money collide.

Patch 3.1 logo
WoW Archivist: Secrets of patch 3.1 Brann Bronzebeard screams as he flees from Ulduar, barely evading Kologarn's eye-lasers. This was our first glimpse of what patch 3.1 had in store for us. It would go down as one of WoW's all-time best.

WoW Archivist: The rise and fall of Wrath’s death knight Of all 11 classes in WoW, death knights have had the most dramatic evolution. From their beginnings as a supremely flexible "hero class" --with three hybrid trees -- to their current incarnation, DKs have ridden their pale horses a very long way.