Decidedly Uncouth

About Us:
Hardcore raiding on a casual scheduled. Two nights a week. Core group together since Molten Core.

More about us:

Decidedly Uncouth

-Been around since Molten Core. Same leadership since TBC.
-Consumables (flask/pots/food), enhancements (enchants/gems) provided for you by the guild.
-We raid 2 nights a week (Tuesday & Thursday), 4 hours a night (8pm to Midnight EST). 8 hours a week total.
-If you server transfer to join us, we’ll reimburse your $25 transfer fee when you pass trial

US 27th for 2-day guilds for the WoD launch tier.
US 19th kill of Archimonde for 2 day guilds Argo#1559, Osiris#1352

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