Bronze Dragonflight

Know Your Lore: Who killed Chromie? One of the weirder little mysteries from patch 7.2.5 was the Deaths of Chromie scenario. Not because of the scenario itself — a wild tangle of twisting timelines and a race to prevent Chromie’s inevitable demise. No, the bigger mystery is the question of who, exactly, was trying to kill the Bronze Dragon. It’s a...

Know Your Lore: The twisting timelines of Chronormu As a member of the Bronze dragonflight, Chronormu – or Chromie, as she likes to be called – knows when and where she’ll meet her own demise. Problem is, there’s someone out there who’d like to change that particular timeline. But why?

Know Your Lore: The Infinite dragonflight In an Azeroth where dragons have seemingly expended the last of their powers, there’s one flight that doesn’t appear to have been affected by the events of Cataclysm at all. Although we defeated Murozond in End Time, the Infinite dragonflight returned in the novel War Crimes, which takes place after Mists of Pandaria — indicating,...

the iron horde
Know Your Lore: Why the Iron Horde? One could argue that by the end of the events that play out in 6.0 and 6.1, the Iron Horde has been effectively shut down, backs against the wall, leaving them with no other apparent alternative than to turn to tactics they weren't originally going to use. But the one thing we haven't done is really look at the situation and ask ourselves -- why the Iron Horde to begin with?

Breakfast Topic: What would you like to do again? So much has happened over the ten years we've played World of Warcraft, with the game shifting under our feet. Some things we may have enjoyed are now gone forever, which is just the way time works... usually. But over the years we've made a few friends in the Bronze Dragonflight, and why wouldn't we abuse that friendship for a trip to relive the good old days again?