Buying Gold

WoW Token gold prices are on the rise The WoW Token has hit a brand new high this week, thanks to Destiny 2’s open beta. For anyone keeping up with, this comes as no surprise. Since Destiny 2 open beta started the other day, everyone has been in a hurry to trade their WoW gold in for Blizzard Balance to pre-purchase the...

WoW currency is worth more than Venezuelan currency A fictional video game currency is currently worth more than the currency of a real country. The Venezuelan black market economy has been tracking the worth of the country’s currency, the bolívar fuerte, and the similarities to the WoW token’s worth first came to light last month when a Venezuelan WoW player noticed the exchange...

WoW Token visualization
Understanding the WoW Token market WoW Tokens are one of World of Warcraft's most important monetization efforts, because they allow you to be able to purchase game time with in-game gold. Here's everything you need to know about buying and selling in this key market.

WoW Token is now live on US realms The WoW Token was live on US realms when servers came back up this afternoon, so you can now spend $20 for 30,000 gold — or 30,000 gold for a month of gametime.

WoW Token to cost $20, coming soon Blizzard hasn't released an exact date that the gold-for-gametime WoW Token will be arriving in game — it will be some time after tomorrow's roll-out of patch 6.1.2 — they have announced it will cost $20 USD.