HotS and Bothered: Making sex appeal work in Heroes Disclaimer: This is not your typical Blizzard Watch content, nor will it become so. This post contains language and discussions of a sexual nature. We hope and expect our audience can hold this conversation as mature adults. The existence of this post is not carte blanche permission to post and share explicit material elsewhere on...

The Queue: Headcanon

So I recently leveled my 10th level 100 thanks to invasions (five Warriors – Human, Worgen, two Draenei and a Night Elf plus two Demon Hunters, a Hunter, a Shaman and a Paladin) and when I got the most recent Warrior to Stormwind I found myself constructing a story for her in my head. She’s a Night Elf, a traditionalist who thinks a man’s place is sleeping in a barrow den somewhere talking to trees. She absolutely thinks she should be running the whole war against the Legion and she’s not very deferential to her people’s ‘leaders’ at all.

So during the scene in the throne room she was pretty much all you know, Jaina’s got a lot of good arguments. If Jaina starts her own faction, I think she’d be down for a gig as Jaina’s new Night Elf bodyguard.

Yeah, it didn’t work out great for the last one, but that sort of proves her point.

This is the Queue. Let’s chat.

The Queue: I refuse to answer questions that are about Karazhan

You want a Queue that’s excited about Karazhan? Yesterday’s Queue is for you. But I’m afraid I’m just not all that excited about it.

Look, I ran that raid over and over and over again for the entirety of TBC. I ran it when it was the guild-killer. I ran it when they introduced Badges to raids and it was the most efficient way to gear up your newest raid members. I ran it when people wanted the mount. I ran it and I ran it and now? Now I just don’t care.

Sorry. I know y’all love Karazhan. I don’t want to take that away from you. It’s a very pretty raid from an art and music perspective.

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The Queue: Breaking War

I’m not entirely sure how one breaks war with a gigantic sword. I’m pretty sure gigantic swords are how one fights a war. Well, at least until you have laser guided smart bombs or whatever. But the point stands.

This is the Queue. We take your questions and do our best to give you answers. I’m listening to Outro by M83, I admit I first heard it in the Paragon trailer from Epic Games.


Heroes of the Storm poke
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The Queue: Like playing a walking disco

If there’s anything more annoying than having all of your proc based abilities light up after the thing you are fighting dies, I don’t know what it is.

Hey guys. It’s Queue time. Let’s Queue it up.

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