Are you a binge player? Do you binge on games? I’m using binge in the OMG I must watch every episode of the latest streaming TV series way, not necessarily in the eat all the things way, although obviously the latter is informed by the former. It’s something I’ve noted about myself recently. When new content drops, I go all...

The Queue: The day is not yet

This Queue will be posted on Tuesday, December 6th. My birthday is the day following.

So I guess we’ll just have to not talk about that. If you care, here’s my twitter, and if you don’t we can talk about Blizzard games. Or whatever else you guys talked about in the comments.

Seriously though tomorrow’s my birthday guys. I’m feeling kinda chatty.

Netflix’s damaged superhero series Jessica Jones has my attention

As part of Netflix’s deal with Marvel, it’s rolling out the second of four series set in New York’s notorious Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood. The first was Daredevil staring Charlie Cox which released all 13 episodes earlier this year. And now we’re getting close to the arrival of Jessica Jones followed by the Luke Cage and Iron Fist series with all of these heroes and storylines culminating, Avengers-style, into The Defenders movie. But for now, it’s Jessica’s turn in the spotlight.