The Queue: Nostalgia

So, who’s gotten a chance to run Black Temple in its Timewalking form yet? One step closer to all content being current, am I right? Well, I’m kind of kidding, but at the same time it’s actually sort of true, and that kind of amazes me.

This is the Queue. Let’s chat about Blizzard and games.

Breakfast Topic: How could I forget? There used to be only one way to get to Stormwind from Darnassus — take a boat to Menethil, and run across the Wetlands to Dun Morogh and Ironforge. I remember making that run at level 10, way back when flying wasn’t a thing and the Wetlands was a significantly daunting road for a young...

Breakfast Topic: The retro feeling My wife and I were recently watching old videos of boss kills back in the Burning Crusade days and chattering to each other about what we remembered, what we were doing at the time (I was usually tanking) and how the raids and encounters felt. One moment in particular stands out: we were killing Lady...

The Queue: I am not nostalgic by nature

Unless it’s dinosaurs we’re talking about. Then I’m incredibly nostalgic. I love dinosaurs.

This is the Queue. Let us go forth and answer questions. Well, actually, just I’ll be doing that.

Breakfast Topic: How do you feel about Timewalking dungeons? I really do not know how I feel about Timewalking dungeons. On the one hand, as I've discussed before, I'm excited to go back in time with the modern Enhancement toolkit, since there are many times when massive AoE damage and useful crowd control were the pinnacle of dungeon design.

I remember this.
Breakfast Topic: Do you keep your memories in screenshots? I remember what my Shaman and my Paladin looked like in their first few days of existence after The Burning Crusade, but I have to be content with memories; I can't show anyone.

Breakfast Topic: Your favorite dungeon or raid I've been running a lot of retro raids for pets lately, and it's got me feeling nostalgic for the raids of old.