Sisters Of The Moon

What lengths have you gone to in order to kill a boss? Sisters of the Moon is a very pretty fight. There are so many lights and colors everywhere, the moon is slowly waxing and waning through the room, it’s a lovely purple color all around. The room itself is a testament to the beauty the temple once held. Unfortunately it can also be murder on the...

Mistress Sassz’ine
WoW Patch 7.2.5 Hotfixes: Black Temple Timewalking lockouts and Tomb of Sargeras bugs Good news everybody! No, the slime is not flowing again, but Black Temple Timewalking lockouts are now fixed. When the first Timewalking raid came out on Tuesday, players quickly found out that the raid lockout was working like Mythic: players were locked to the instance ID rather than per boss. This meant that people could not join another fresh or in-progress group if they had already killed bosses. The lockout issue will be resolved with realm restarts in the morning.