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Blizzard takes action against real-money raid clears Blizzard announced that action has been taken against accounts violating the Terms of Use by selling raid or dungeon clears for real-life cash. The announcement comes hot on the heels of the release of the Tomb of Sargeras, which saw both Mythic and LFR difficulties open this week. Selling any kind of in-game services for...

How to buy the Diablo 3 Necromancer with WoW gold If you’re interested in purchasing the Rise of the Necromancer pack for Diablo 3 but short of cash, don’t worry! Thanks to Blizzard’s deviously ingenious method of turning WoW gold into Blizzard Balance via WoW Tokens, you may not have to spend a dime on the Necromancer. For many, this may be par for the...

Now’s the time to buy WoW gold Okay, technically yesterday was the time to buy WoW gold: prices in North America and Europe peaked yesterday evening, but prices for WoW Tokens are still up (though they are bouncing up and down). So why are prices so high? It’s all about Destiny 2, which is coming to the Blizzard Launcher. According to the...

Do WoW Tokens change how you play? When the WoW Token first launched, I immediately cashed in my gold to buy as much subscription time as possible. Even right now, all this time later, I’m still paid up through July of this year. When WoW Tokens gained the ability to deposit cash into your Balance, I immediately converted my gold to...

WoW Tokens can now be traded for Balance Previously discussed at BlizzCon, WoW Tokens can now be traded for $15 in Balance as of this afternoon. That means your WoW gold can now be exchanged not only for your World of Warcraft subscription, but for a myriad of goods and services across Blizzard Entertainment’s games and infrastructure. If, like me, you were hoping to...

WoW tokens possibly part of account balance in patch 7.1.5 During BlizzCon 2016 earlier this month, the question was posed during the World of Warcraft Q&A about whether or not Blizzard was going to make the WoW Token a more widespread form of currency, working for other games and not just WoW. And the answer was unambiguously yes. Q: Any plan on turning the WoW...

Has the WoW Token killed off illegitimate gold sellers? The A.V. Club covers how the WoW Token intersects with real world economic factors, which is always interesting. Their comments about how widespread unemployment might effect token sales caught my attention, but what really got me thinking was the discussion of how the gold selling market is rooted in, well, less than savory practices. We WoW players are...

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Blizzard clarifies details on WoW Token purchases If you’ve been baffled recently by limits to your ability to purchase a WoW Token, Blizzard has posted with clarifications to those limits. For example: You may only buy 10 tokens per week with real money. You may only buy 36 tokens every 24 months with in-game gold to redeem for game time per

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Understanding the WoW Token market WoW Tokens are one of World of Warcraft's most important monetization efforts, because they allow you to be able to purchase game time with in-game gold. Here's everything you need to know about buying and selling in this key market.

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WoW Token and speculation Let's assume you have a ton of gold. Let's say you stroll by the auction house and you see that the WoW Token has dropped to around 20,000 gold (in the US it often is below this, in the EU not as of yet) and you decide hey, I've got a ton of gold, I'll buy a year's worth of tokens and so you do. You dump 240,000 gold at the AH, redeem a bunch of tokens and bam, you're paid up for a year. You just saved fifteen dollars a month (again, using US numbers, I know it's different elsewhere in the world) for a whole year, and you're feeling pretty good about it. And there's no reason you shouldn't - that's why the token exists, after all.What I find interesting is to consider all the side ramifications of this deal.

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WoW Token arriving on European realms tomorrow After a two week wait, the gametime for gold WoW Token is heading to European World of Warcraft realms this week.

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WoW Archivist: Money and Warcraft The WoW Token is just the latest place where World of Warcraft and real money collide.

Breakfast Topic: WoW Tokens and you Have you dabbled in the WoW Token exchange? Were you a buyer or a seller? Is 20,000 gold for a token too expensive for you, or totally trivial?

How to use the WoW Token to trade gametime for gold Though it remains against WoW's terms of service to buy gold for cash through third-party sales sites, you can now buy gold directly from Blizzard via the WoW Token.