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WoWFeb 20, 2019 10:00 am CT

Burning Crusade Timewalking 101

It’s just a jump to the left, and then a step to the right — let’s do some Timewalking again! Burning Crusade Timewalking has returned for the week, but it was a long time ago, so a little refresher on which dungeons you’ll be visiting couldn’t hurt. After all, we’ll be getting Warlords of Draenor Timewalking in patch 8.1.5 and it has a pair of beautiful new mounts to buy. It could be a good idea to check your stockpile of Timewarped Badges before then.

Before you get into your first dungeon check your gear. What you’re wearing in your moment to moment gameplay is fine, of course. You’re not going to have any issues, but remember that almost — sorry Sulfuras and Thunderfury —  every legendary item in the game will scale down to match as well. This is your opportunity to break out Thori’dal or the mountain of legendaries that we got from Legion. Now that a lot of our power isn’t tied into our Artifact Weapons it’s actually a boost to use something like Shadowmourne. You could even wear some of your tier sets from Legion if you hung onto those. Any gear from before Legion has had its tier bonuses turned off though. Don’t forget the food either! I like breaking out the Fishbrul Special. Those tiny fireballs were one of my favorite spell effects and I have enough leftovers to feed a small nation.

When you’re properly attired and well fed — it’s time to jump into some dungeons. Don’t forget to grab the quest to run them from either Chronicler Toopa or Chronicler Shoopa in your faction’s main city! You’ll be rewarded with a piece of item level 385 gear from the Battle of Dazar’alor raid, and a decent chunk of Azerite for your neck. You should probably set aside about 15-25 minutes per dungeon. When our stats got scaled back in preparation for Battle for Azeroth it seems to have slowed down the dungeons. As a benefit, they’re a lot more interesting now. I came close to dying a few times when I got a little overzealous in pulling too much trash.

Oh, the dungeons you’ll delve

Each of the dungeons has its own unique challenges. Magister’s Terrace has the most spellcaster enemies of any of the dungeons, while Shattered Halls has the most trash to get in your way between bosses. If you can keep your wits about you, the dungeons should fly by.

Magister’s Terrace You’re scaled a little higher in this dungeon compared to the others. Having the extra oomph will really help you to deal with the big pulls of hard-hitting casters. There’s nothing too difficult until after the second boss. Between Vexallus and Priestess Delrissa you’re going to run into tightly packed and hard to control enemies. Be careful engaging them, or you’ll quickly find yourself fighting three packs at once. You’ll also find Sunblade Sentinels, these fearsome robot guardians will use a painful Fel lightning attack. This chains to other players and does about a quarter of your health at a time. Stunning the Sentinels can help prevent this from hurting too badly. Priestess Delrissa is also worth highlighting, her fight involves a whole squad of enemies that like to ignore the tank. Try and focus on one right away to remove it from the fight. After defeating Delrissa and her murderous band it’s time to take on Prince Kael’thas — hopefully for the last time. Stay away from the large purple orbs during Gravity Lapse, and enjoy swimming around his throne room.

The Shattered Halls The Shattered Halls is chock full of angry Orcs. They’ve been fed a steady diet of demon blood and are ready to tear into you. You’ll find large squads of them who like to summon reinforcements to overwhelm you. The worst pulls are just inside the instance and after the second boss. Once you defeat Blood Guard Porung you’ll be in a long hallway with squads of Orcs training on either side. If you stick to the middle of the hallway you can avoid fighting them. Try and avoid pulling the Shattered Hand Houndmaster with other groups, he’ll clear any debuffs off of all the surrounding enemies pretty often. Classes that leave a lot of damage with damage over time spells will find themselves at a disadvantage. When fighting Warbring O’mrogg he’ll randomly swap targets. If he focuses on you, stop attacking to let the tank get more threat than you. Taunts don’t work on O’mrogg so tanks will have to work hard to get targetting them again.

The Black Morass Protecting Medivh must be a full-time job if this dungeon is any indication. This is probably the easiest of the dungeons to get while Timewalking. Aside from some random swamp critters at the beginning, there’s no trash to deal with. Simply go to each new portal as it spawns and deal with any Dragonkin that pop out. Every sixth portal you get a boss and a small break after winning. The bosses do hit decently hard, so keep a close eye on your health. Aeonus has a large set of claws and a wicked case of bad breath — so if you’re not the tank don’t stand in front of him.

The Slave Pens It’s time to put a monkey wrench into Lady Vashj’s plans for the Coilfang Reservoir. Along the way, you even get to set a bunch of Draenei free from slavery. Killing any Coilfang Slavehandlers will allow nearby slaves to run to freedom. You’re going to want to watch out for fears and mind controls here. The Coilfang Rays will try and scare you with Psychic Horror, and Coilfang Soothsayers will make you turn on your friends with Domination. Both of these enemies are a high priority when you fight them. There’s a lot of Naga in the area around Rokmar the Crackler, so be careful not to let any fear casts get off. Rokmar also hits the tank hard and quite quickly so be ready to use a cooldown or two to save your tank.

The Arcatraz This was our first introduction to everyone’s favorite maniacal gnome Milhouse Manastorm! Before you can reach him though, you’ll have to deal with some nasty abominations that have escaped. If you clear the first room of all enemies you’ll stop the flood of Protean Nightmares. Be careful overpulling the larger enemies found throughout the dungeon. They all have unique and painful mechanics, like the meteors summoned by the Gargantuan Abyssals in the final room. If you don’t stack together you’ll have a front row seat to watch your friend get squashed flatter than a pancake.

Mana-Tombs The Nexus-Prince has a pretty sweet operation going in the Tombs. He thinks that his legion of loyal servants will keep you away, but you’ll prove him wrong. There are lots of groups that like to patrol the area, keep an eye out while fighting to make sure that you don’t have another group ready to walk into you. When you’re fighting the first boss Pandemonius, make sure that you don’t kill yourself by attacking during the wrong time. Attacking him at all during Dark Shell will reflect your attacks back at you. Take a moment to admire the architecture of the surrounding area, before finishing the job. After downing Pandemonius, Nexus Terrors are the enemy to be careful with. They have both fear and silence spells. The last thing you want while dealing with an accidental overpull is your healer being unable to cast anything.

I hope this helps you have a fun — and productive! — trip through time. I’m crossing my fingers that you manage to get the White Hawkstrider from Prince Kael’thas, or the much rarer Infinite Timereaver that can drop from any boss in Timewalking. Good luck, and have fun!

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