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HearthstoneJun 3, 2020 5:00 pm CT

There’s something fishy about Hearthstone’s Send in the Murlocs Tavern Brawl

fighting thunderaan

If you love Murloc decks in Hearthstone, you’ll love this Tavern Brawl. If you don’t like Murloc decks… well, you’ll have no choice but to play one to get your free Classic pack this week.

Fortunately, it’s a relatively easy Brawl to win, so you can hop in to snag your win and then ignore it for the rest of the week.

Tavern Brawl basics

Name: Send in the Murlocs

Description: Murlocs have taken over the tavern! Choose a class and get a deck of random class spells and a whole mess of Murlocs

Fun level: 6/10

Difficulty: 2/10

There’s nothing complicated here: just pick any hero and you’ll get a random deck of class spells and Murloc minions that come from any class. While the Murlocs are random, they’re a fairly predictable minion type designed for swarming your opponent with an aggressive, zoo-style deck.

On your first turn, you’ll automatically play the Shaman quest Unite the Murlocs, which gives you Megafin if you summon 10 Murlocs. With a Murloc-only deck, getting to 10 isn’t a challenge, and then you’re rewarded with Megafin, a 5-mana, 8/8 Murloc with a Battlecry that fills your hand with even more Murlocs.

We’ve seen this Tavern Brawl before, but this time around you can also play a Demon Hunter. Just with more Murlocs than usual.

How to win Send in the Murlocs

Send in the Murlocs is essentially a race to get as many Murlocs on the board as possible, buff them up by playing even more Murlocs, and then smash your opponent in the face.

There’s nothing too crucial about the mulligan. You want to be sure you have a one-mana Murloc to put down on the first turn so you can start off with a good tempo, but because many Murlocs are low cost, this shouldn’t be hard. If you manage to get any kind of AOE or board clear, hang on to it — there aren’t many of them available in this Brawl, but they can turn the tide of the game by helping you control the board.

Focus on playing cards on curve and keeping board control. Playing Murlocs as quickly as possible also helps you finish Unite the Murlocs, so you can put Megafin down. While Megafin isn’t always a game-ender — it’s inevitably your opponent’s highest priority target when it goes on the board — an 8/8 minion is a big threat that your opponent has to respond to. So keep playing those Murlocs and try to beat your opponent to quest completion.

If you lose control of the board, you’ll probably lose the match, so keep the pressure on. There’s plenty of RNG involved here, and bad hands can sometimes make winning impossible — but following an aggressive strategy is the way to win.

While no class feels terribly overpowered in this Brawl, two stand out to me: Shaman and Mage. Some Shaman spells have good synergy with Murlocs, and casting Windfury on a buffed Murloc (or Megafin) is hard to beat. Alternately, Mage is good at board control, with AOE spells to wipe out all of those tiny Murloc minions, plus their Fireblast Hero Power can take out weaker Murlocs.

But no classes seem particularly bad at this Brawl, either. Priests and Paladins both have buffs to keep your Murlocs alive, and Hunters’ Explosive Trap can be a solid board clear. The addition of Demon Hunters doesn’t seem to particularly change the Brawl — they’re not great, but they’re not bad either.

You can any class you’d like, which makes this a decent Brawl for finishing class quests.

Good luck with this week’s Brawl, and may the RNG be ever in your favor!

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