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DiabloDec 8, 2020 10:00 am CT

How to do Conquests for the Season’s Journey in Diablo 3 Season 22

Diablo 3 Season 22 returning Chapter Rewards

Happy Diablo 3 Season, friend! Do you have your delightfully buff Book of Cain pet from Season 22 yet? Wait, why don’t you? Oh, Conquests.

Yes, Conquests can be painful if you haven’t had to tackle them in a while (or ever). But don’t let the daunting goals fool you — they’re called achievements for a reason. But we’re here to help you get those achievements completed! Here’s what you should know going into Conquests in Diablo 3.

What are Conquests?

Conquests are unique Seasonal achievements; leaderboards exist specifically for Conquests and reset every season. The last three chapters (Destroyer, Conqueror, and Guardian) each require a Conquest in the season’s journey. The Conquests aren’t assigned; the goals involve completing 1 / 2 / 3 (depending on the chapter) Conquest-type achievements — one Conquest for each chapter.

While Conquests are more difficult than the average achievement, they also scale in difficulty. Some are extremely hard to achieve with solo play, and some only require level 70 and the right gear.

What are the current Season’s Conquests?

Each Conquest achievement has a normal mode version and a hardcore mode version, so the names below are listed as Normal Name / Hardcore Name.

  • Boss Mode / Worlds Apart — Kill listed bosses in 20 minutes from starting the game.
  • Masters of the Universe / Masters of Sets — Master eight Set Dungeons.
  • On A Good Day / I Can’t Stop — Level three Legendary Gems to rank 65.
  • Sprinter / Speed Racer — Complete Acts I through V at max level in under one hour.
  • Years of War / Dynasty — Reach Greater Rift 55 with Set Bonuses from six class sets.

What Conquests should you complete in Season 22?

Now, what should you tackle first? That’s a pretty good question. Let’s walk through these one at a time; please note that I’m going through these from a solo perspective, impacting my ordering.

On A Good Day / I Can’t Stop

The easiest Conquest for Season 22 is On A Good Day / I Can’t Stop.

You’re going to be leveling your gems up over the course of the season’s journey. The progression is pretty clear:

  • (Slayer) Gems In, Gems Out — One gem to rank 25
  • (Champion) Up and At Gem — Three gems to rank 35
  • (Destroyer) Insane in the Gembrane — Three gems to rank 45
  • (Conqueror) Gem of my Life — Three gems to rank 55
  • (Guardian) Gem Fatale — Three gems to rank 70

Oh, look! That final jump requires we rank our gems up 15 and not another 10, so completing this Conquest fits right in between the two. If you’re working on the pet, you’ll achieve this naturally as you scale your gems up in Greater Rifts.

Years of War / Dynasty

Years of War / Dynasty is almost a precursor to trying to complete Masters of the Universe / Masters of Sets. Set gear drops all over the darn place, but since each character has a max of five sets allocated to it, you’ll need to have at least two level 70 characters in Seasonal play. A second 70 is easily achieved with either a Gem of Ease or a ping in the Seasonal Powerleveling Community in-game for some T6 rift speedruns.

If you’re missing a piece of gear for one of the sets, there are two options: the first is to equip (either as a ring or in your Kanai’s Cube) a Ring of Royal Grandeur. With this ring, you only need five of the six pieces to obtain all the set bonuses. The second option only works if you’ve received multiple drops for the set — say, two or three pairs of boots. Use Recipe 4 (Skill of Nilfur) to convert the set item. You may end up landing on a few duplicates again, but that missing piece is yours sooner or later!

The goal of this Conquest is to complete Greater Rift level 55 runs with bonuses from six sets. GR55 is the equivalent of Torment 12, so while we’re not talking about complete impossibility here, you’re going to want solid gear for your builds. Put in the time and patience, and you’ll knock this one out!

Boss Mode / Worlds Apart

Boss Mode / Worlds Apart is the first of two Conquests this season that is much easier to achieve with a group. At level 70, killing the listed bosses is next to no effort. Kill them all in 20 minutes? Now it’s a challenge!

If you’re working on this solo, your greatest effort will be in getting to the bosses. Some of them, like The Butcher and Adria, take quite the jog to get to. Like Belial and Malthael, others have two phases to their fights, so you can’t one-shot them and continue onward. And a few (Diablo and Urzael) are the worst combination of both — slow to find and slow to fight. Queue up as much mobility between your active and passive skills, paragon points, and gear bonuses. Don’t get me wrong, this will be difficult, but you can achieve this Conquest as a solo player.

If you’re tackling this with a group, it’s critical to remember that all party members must be present to get credit for the kills. Taking the portal to town before accepting the boss fight will save where you were on your current map. No loss of run progress is required.

Masters of the Universe / Masters of Sets

Masters of the Universe / Masters of Sets is considered one of the most frustrating Conquests to complete. Many solid players don’t bother with the season’s journey because of the requirement to master ONE set dungeon; now you want us to do eight?! Insanity. But that’s why these are considered Conquests.

The challenge here is two-fold — first, you need to gather eight sets (each class has four with associated dungeons) but the associated gear to do a set dungeon run. This means having at least two level 70 characters in Seasonal play.

The second half of the challenge is in the very name of the conquest — you have to master eight set dungeons. Set dungeons have two sets of objectives — basic and mastery — that you need to knock them all out within the time limit. Set dungeons do not follow whatever difficulty your game is set to, so you don’t need to worry if you’ve forgotten to drop it down to Normal. Regardless, I highly recommend doing your homework first if you’re going to attempt this Conquest. Research the set dungeons, plan optimized routes, take the time to gather the right gear, and practice with the build. It’s not impossible to complete this, but the time investment will serve you well.

Sprinter / Speed Racer

Sprinter / Speed Racer is the most challenging conquest to complete in Season 22 when solo. The Conquest requires going through the entire story mode, Acts 1 through 5, with all the associated story and boss kills in under an hour. Knocking this out involves a lot of prep time and requires an excellent team working together.

In theory, Sprinter / Speed Racer is doable while soloing, but ouch. I don’t have a ton of good advice for this one other than working with friends who know the game. As a team, keep the communication lines open (voice chat is a boon here). Within the game, set your difficulty to Normal, enable the “Skip Cut Scenes” option in the Gameplay settings, and skip through all optional NPC dialog with the spacebar. Stack movement speed boosts through gear and gems, and good luck to you.

So what is holding you back? There are Conquest achievements out there to tackle before Season 22 ends, with an adorable little book pet waiting for you!

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