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WoWMar 17, 2023 2:00 pm CT

Two weeks remain in March — here’s how to quickly complete the Trading Post

March is over in a fortnight, and those who haven’t been playing much may find themselves worried that they won’t have enough time to complete enough Trading Post tasks to earn the rewards. Fortunately there’s no need to worry as many events can be done quickly — and many don’t require having a max level character. With the Un’goro Madness micro-holiday this weekend and the Trial of Style following immediately next week, you can get a majority of the points you need to unlock the Darkmoon Faire Harlequin’s Bells transmog and acquire many other items you may want. Best of all, it’s easy to complete a enough Trading Post tasks to earn your transmog.

As a reminder, you need 1000 points from a variety of activities to unlock the Harlequin outfit. Doing so will also max out your Trader’s Tenders for the month — 500 just for logging in while subbed, and an additional 100 for every 200 points you earn. In addition if you haven’t collected it yet there is a one-time bonus 500 Trader’s Tenders for purchasing Dragonflight. If there’s an item you want to purchase but don’t have enough Tenders to acquire after buying everything else, remember that you can save an item until the next month by speaking with the vendors.

Un’goro Madness and Trial of Style will efficiently get you points for the Trading Post

Un’goro Madness is live from March 17 through March 19 and there are two activities that reward points. The first is to Loot Dino Mojo, an item that’s a guaranteed drop from elite dinosaur bosses in the Un’goro Crater during the event. While these bosses are not soloable (at least not easily for all classes), it should be pretty easy to find a group killing the rares since doing so is a Trading Post activity. Looting the Dino Mojo by being on a boss kill rewards 150 points.

The second method for grabbing points will take somewhat longer as it requires you to loot and use 21 Dino Mojos in order to get the “Awesome” buff, but if you find a dedicated boss farming group you may be able to complete it relatively fast as the bosses respawn quickly. Completing this earns 150 points.

Trial of Style will run from March 20 through March 24 and besides the ability to change your transmog for free during the event you’ll also be able to earn trading post points. If you’ve already saved up a lot of Trial of Style Tokens you’ll get the points a lot faster than if you’re starting from scratch, but since the Trial of Style is so much fun you’ll want to participate as much as you can — check out our guide for some tips.

Participation itself is the first thing you need to do to earn points, as obtaining the Trader’s Bicorne for 25 TOS Tokens will get you 50 points. Also easy to get right away is to /cheer five other players during the Trial of Style. Doing so will reward you 150 points.

Running the Trial of Style several times — on average eight times if you never place, and as fast as twice if you win both times — should earn 100 TOS Tokens, and that will also get you 150 points. There are two other activities you can complete in the Trial of Style but it may take more time than you want to spend in the event to complete so feel free to move on to the next section at this point. If you’re having a blast at the Trial of Style and want to keep going, or if you’ve already unlocked the requirements for the activities, keep on reading.

For the cost of 100 TOS tokens you can purchase a Letter from an Admirer so that someone admires you during the Trial of Style; acquire three of them and you’ll complete the Summon Admirers criteria. Note that there’s some ambiguity for this criteria: it could mean have an Admirer show up to three Trial of Style events for you (which is automatic after purchasing one) or have three show up to one event, meaning you’ll need to spend 300 TOS tokens to complete. In either scenario, this only rewards 50 points, so you may find it not worth it since there are easier points to gain (and transmog to purchase instead with the tokens).

The final thing you can do at Trial of Style is to purchase and use the Trial of Style Dance Floor, Spotlight, and Flames from Warpweaver Sle’shal before the start of the competition (doesn’t have to be all in one competition). Purchasing all three will cost you 200 TOS Tokens in total, but using them will reward 150 points.

Complete the March Trading Post with Quests, Emotes, and just by Lookin’ Good

Participating in Un’goro Madness and Trial of Style can get you as many as 850 points, but since not everything is that quick during those events there’s other activities that provide relatively easy points. The ones I’ve found that are pretty easy to do involve questing, interacting via emotes, and Lookin’ Good.

The activities that require you to look good or emote are pretty straightforward:

  • Use the barber to change your appearance ten times rewards 50 points. Remember that all barbershop uses are now free, so you can get this done simply by changing your hair color ten times.
  • Change the look of your Dragonriding mount will net you 20 points, which isn’t much but if you’ve already unlocked the Rostum of Transformation it takes all of a second to use it.
  • Obtain a toy that gets you Lookin’ Good — this one may be tough or easy depending on what items you’ve already unlocked, but it will net you 100 points.
  • /flex at another character while Lookin’ Good — self-explanatory, simply use one of the Lookin’ Good toys, target another player, and /flex to gain 50 points.
  • /awe at ten characters that are Lookin’ Good rewards 50 points. Of course, you need to make sure your target is Lookin’ Good, so this is a good one to do with a friend.
  • Use the Overtuned Corgi Goggles to get 50 points and see Corgis everywhere. Unfortunately this item can only be acquired during the World of Warcraft Anniversary in November so if you don’t already have it you’re out of luck.
  • /curtsey at a player of the opposite faction will get you 50 points, and is easily done in Valdrakken or Dalaran.

Questing on characters are an easy way to earn more points. Complete 30 Quests and Complete 15 World Quests both reward 100 points apiece for a total of 200 points and can be done on any or all of your characters to reach that goal — they can be done in any expansion. In addition, I’m pretty sure the idiosyncrasy of World of Warcraft of using the daily quest mechanic to track some activities will also help you Complete 30 Quests faster, so focus on the World Quests first and you may find the regular quest activity completed along the way.

Finally, if you’re still not at 1000 points head to the Magister’s Terrace dungeon and defeat Kael’thas on any difficulty to earn 150 points. On a max-level character it’ll probably take longer to get there — there’s a portal to the Isle of Quel’danas in Shattrath — then it’ll take to run the dungeon, and even a level 50+ character not in Chromie Time should easily be able to steamroll the opposition.

There’s plenty of time left to finish the March Trading Post, and hopefully these quick tasks will help you get the Harlequin’s outfit or anything else you might want!


Originally published March 17, 2023. Updated March 20, 2023.

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