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Diablo Immortal

How fast do you think content should release in an MMO?

Blizzard currently has two MMOs -- the venerable World of Warcraft, which has been in operation for 18 years (19 this November, and it's a little terrifying to realize WoW could vote if it were a person) and the more recent mobile MMO, Diablo Immortal. Now, over the years I've come to consider a certain pace of content delivery to be the norm, but in reality many MMOs release content at a much quicker pace than World of Warcraft.

Diablo Immortal’s Forgotten Nightmares update adds more ways to get Legendary Crests, but is it enough?

The first major update to Diablo Immortal is Forgotten Nightmares, an expansive patch with a new dungeon (Silent Monastery), major updates to Warbands (including a guild housing in Castle Cyranger), a new Helliquary raid boss (Izilech the Misshapen), a new event (Scouring the Darkness), as well as another new Battle Pass season, complete with new themed cosmetics. But the most interesting thing in this update is the fact that there's a new way to get Legendary Crests without spending real cash.

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