Demon Hunter

Artifact Challenge boss nerfs and other WoW Hotfixes for April 10 So far, I’ve seen a lot of complaints about Thunderslash being nerfed and not any complaints about Inquisitor Variss getting watered down in this round of hotfixes for Patch 7.2. DKs, Demon Hunters, Hunters, Mages, Warlocks and Warriors all saw Artifact Traits get some buffs or nerfs, and there were changes to dungeons, class halls...

How to get hidden Artifact appearances for Demon Hunters If you’ve been paying attention to the WoW-sphere lately, you may have noticed that various hidden Artifact appearances have begun to surface. And while I touched briefly on all the different Artifact appearances for Vengeance, it’s worth officially diving into the specifics for how to unlock the hidden appearances for both of Demon Hunters’ specs....

Spectral Insight: Should you level your Demon Hunter as Havoc or Vengeance? “It takes a big man to admit his mistakes, and I am that big man. – Michael Scott” — Michael Mitchell Last time we talked about Demon Hunters, discussed Vengeance Artifact traits and ended with the recommendation that you not level in Vengeance spec.

Spectral Insight: Vengeance Artifact talents and skins It’s time. Legion is here, and the training wheels for up-and-coming Demon Hunters have officially come off.

Legion FAQ: All your questions about Legion, Demon Hunters, and more answered Sure, we’ve been talking about Legion for a while. But with all the changes that have happened between the announcement at Gamescom last year and the release, it can be hard to keep up.

Spectral Insight: Havoc Demon Hunter talents and the Momentum build How do you do, fellow Demon Hunters? I hope you’re all a bit more accustomed to Legion and Demon Hunter life now that WoW has officially unleashed the Illidari on Azeroth.

Five stunning transmog outfits for your new Demon Hunter It’s finally happened. Demon Hunters are here and they’re taking Azeroth by storm.

Can we play Demon Hunters yet? Yes! Just in case you weren’t aware — as if you could miss the eager anticipation slathered all over our site today — Demon Hunters will be playable to everyone who pre-ordered Legion once today’s maintenance period concludes. Maintenance is expected to begin at 9:00 a.m.

Breakfast Topic: What race will your Demon Hunter be? Demon Hunters will be arriving in-game just in time to help fight off the Legion next week. And now that we know when they’re coming, there’s just one question to ask: which race of Elves will you be choosing for your Demon Hunter?

Spectral Insight: Getting started with Demon Hunters in Legion It’s official: Demon Hunters will be hitting World of Warcraft servers on August 9th. If you’ve pre-ordered Legion and are still on the fence about playing one, or even if you’re all set and ready to go with the new Hero class, we have you covered. Today, we’re doing a broad overview of both of the...

Demon Hunter
Demon Hunters and Demon Invasions arrive August 9th Announced during the Demon Hunter Q&A, Jonathan LeCraft revealed that Demon Hunters and the Legion pre-expansion invasions will begin the week of August 9th. The exact date varies depending on region, but Demon Hunters will be available as soon as that week’s maintenance has ended.

Liveblog: Demon Hunter Q&A with Jonathan LeCraft After a week off for the launch of patch 7.0, today we have an all new Legion Q&A — it promises to be a good one. Yep, today is all about Demon Hunters with Senior Game Designer Jonathan LeCraft (AKA @TheCrafticus) answering your questions.

Breakfast Topic: My Demon Hunter I’m excited for, and apprehensive about, the Demon Hunter I’m going to roll as soon as they’re available to play. I pre-ordered Legion just so I would get to play one, in fact.

Spectral Insight: Vengeance Demon Hunter talents Demon Hunters continually undergo changes in the Legion beta, and Vengeance talents have been no exception. With the expansion now less than ten weeks away, we’re hopefully approaching the point where talents will stay put.

Spectral Insight: Havoc Demon Hunter talents Never end an article with, “If nothing crazy happens…” unless you want something crazy to happen. And so, something crazy happened.

Spectral Insight: Havoc and Vengeance Demon Hunter Artifact talents With the recent addition of Artifact Knowledge as a way to fill out multiple specs’ Artifact trees, now seems like a great time to take a look at just what said trees have in store for both Demon Hunter specs come Legion. Good thing for prospective Illidari, the Artifact trees are turning out quite nicely....