Major Feral Druid talent overhaul coming to patch 7.3 Planet Argus isn’t the only big thing coming to WoW in patch 7.3. Blizzard gave players a heads up that Feral Druids are finally getting a much needed talent shakeup.

Druid Legion Guardian Artifact FAQ: Where is Lea Stonepaw? If you are on the Druid Guardian artifact quest you are likely having trouble finding Lea Stonepaw. You have to find her twice during the quest and both times she is difficult to locate.

Shifting Perspectives: Everything you need to know about Druids in patch 7.0 The Legion pre-expansion patch is nigh and with it comes the class changes. For Druids that means big changes for some specs (yay no Eclipse mechanic!) and smaller changes for others (Resto healers, I’m looking at you).

Shifting Perspectives: Best Druid talents for leveling and 5-mans in Legion Druids are in a good place in the early game of Legion. I say that from a place of having played them solo and in normal 5-mans in beta using all four specs.

Shifting Perspectives: Legion alpha Druid Artifact traits The Legion alpha patch that came through last week finally dropped in the last of the missing major traits for the Druid Artifacts. So let’s dig in and see where each of our Artifacts stand at this point in the pre-expansion testing phase. Note that I am just looking at the starting and major traits.

Know Your Lore: Druid Artifact lore in Legion Druid lore already has its own unique extended history, and Druid Artifact lore only expands on it. Of all the classes available in World of Warcraft, Druids by far have the largest section of dedicated lore.

Shifting Perspectives: Legion Beta Druid abilities, spells and talents plus Affinity details revealed Welcome to Shifting Perspectives, Blizzard Watch’s (semi-)regular column for druids of all specs. We’re still working on hiring permanent Druid columnists.

Shifting Perspectives: Druid changes in the Legion expansion Welcome to Shifting Perspectives, Blizzard Watch’s (semi-)regular column for druids of all specs. We’re still working on hiring permanent Druid columnists.

WoW Legion Druid class preview The WoW Legion class preview is up for Druids, and it’s much as we expected. Feral and Restoration Druids are only seeing minor tweaks since they are in a good place, Guardians are getting better tanking abilities to complement their class fantasy, and ding dong the Eclipse mechanic is dead!

BlizzCon 2015: New Moonkin and Sea Lion forms You’ve been waiting for them forever, and at this year’s BlizzCon we finally got to see the new Moonkin model, designed as part of the Legion zone Val’Sharah. They’re looking pretty sweet, and I’d like to see what the variants for the various Druid races will look like.

Exploring new Druid artifact weapons and lore in Legion In case you’ve been in the Emerald Dream for the past few days, World of Warcraft: Legion was just announced, and there are a ton of new things to talk about. The new expansion looks amazing, with plenty of new things for Druids of all specializations to enjoy.

Navigating your Druid through Hellfire Citadel’s Halls of Blood In our last installment, we breached the gates of Hellfire Citadel (thankfully, they lent our cannons some ammo because we forgot ours), took down a Gundam reject, and made a quick side trip to defeat Kromog's hipster brother. This week, we slide through the Halls of Blood, intent on keeping it in our friends bodies', or spilling it from our enemies.

Druid strategies for clearing Hellfire Citadel’s Hellbreach Greetings, fellow druids! Hellfire Citadel is upon us, so it's time to strategize our way through!

Hellfire Citadel raid
Shifting Perspectives: The patch 6.2 Druid outlook We take a look at what's in store for Druids of all specs in patch 6.2.

Tanking for Beginners: Getting started Tanking in a massively multiplayer game like World of Warcraft is when certain classes (Monks, Death Knights, Warriors, Paladins and Druids, in the case of WoW) choose a specialization and perform a role that is intended to keep the monsters in a dungeon or raid focused on said tank, and not instead on the healers or damage dealers in the group. You may already have known that, but it can be useful to establish basics right up front.

Shifting Perspectives: Soloing Cataclysm raids for 6000g a week Looking for something to do? How about raiding for gold?