Argus has several new Hunter pets to tame Sometimes it feels like the people at Wowhead and Petopia are out to get me. See, I’m married to a Hunter.

Artifact Challenge boss nerfs and other WoW Hotfixes for April 10 So far, I’ve seen a lot of complaints about Thunderslash being nerfed and not any complaints about Inquisitor Variss getting watered down in this round of hotfixes for Patch 7.2. DKs, Demon Hunters, Hunters, Mages, Warlocks and Warriors all saw Artifact Traits get some buffs or nerfs, and there were changes to dungeons, class halls...

How much fun can you have playing badly? Guys, I am a terrible hunter. I don’t know how I made it through the Beast Mastery Artifact quest.

Know Your Lore: The fate of Turalyon and Alleria The last time anyone mentioned Turalyon and Alleria, it was their son Arator back in The Burning Crusade’s Outland. We met him in Honor Hold in Outland.

Hunter Artifact weapon
Locked and Loaded: The best Hunter Artifact weapon build paths It’s going to take a long time to fully unlock the Artifact traits of your chosen Artifact weapon, and even longer if you decide to level up more than one weapon at the same time. Just how long will depend on how you play, but you’re looking at several months at a minimum.

Locked and Loaded: Best Hunter talents for leveling and world quests in Legion In Legion, you will be spending a great deal of your time doing things out in the world. First, with leveling to 110 and then doing world quests every day after you reach max level.

Locked and Loaded: Patch 7.0 Legion Hunter guide What Hunter spec should you play in patch 7.0, the lead-in for Legion? What’s the best? Well, it turns out that they’re very close in terms of DPS in the pre-patch.

Breakfast Topic: My Hunter At 100 I won’t pretend that this is the result of hard work. No, my Hunter is at level 100 because I pre-ordered Legion and finally spent the boost.

Locked and Loaded: Previewing the Hunter class hall and champions Class halls in Legion share similarities with Garrisons, but I would classify them as more of a “Garrison Lite” than an actual replacement. You’ll have reasons to visit every day, but it will be more of a brief stopover than your new home.

Locked and Loaded: Why I’ll probably play Beast Mastery in Legion I still question whether the rework of Beast Mastery was even needed. I’m a big believer in the if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it philosophy and I’m pretty sure Beast Mastery is not broken on live servers.

Locked and Loaded: Legion Hunter glyphs and tomes The glyph system is changing quite a bit in Legion. For starters, there is no longer any distinction between major or minor glyphs because they are 100% cosmetic.

Locked and Loaded: Mechanical Hunter pets in Legion Legion is adding 4 new Hunter pet families, bringing the grand total to a whopping 64 families. The new families are Oxen, Scalehides, Mana Sabers, and Mechanicals.

Locked and Loaded: First look at Hunter legendaries in Legion Legendary items in Legion seem like they will have more in common with Diablo loot than WoW loot. They can be extremely powerful, essentially giving the equivalent of a tier set bonus on a single item, yet their acquisition is going to be completely random.

Locked and Loaded: Keeping the traditional Hunter alive in Legion For me, the traditional Hunter is exemplified in the original WoW cinematic. A Dwarf with his gun and trusty companion.

Locked and Loaded: How Focus has changed for Hunters in Legion When you think about class changes in Legion you probably think about new abilities, talents, artifacts, and changes to the fantasy of the class. It’s easy to forget about what’s going on under the hood, such as resources and core mechanics.

Hellfire Citadel hunter
Legion: Marksmanship Hunters get their pet back Marksmanship Hunters will be getting their pet back in a future alpha build, Celestalon wrote today. While it didn’t make it into today’s alpha update, it was important enough for Celestalon to mention it on the forums so that alpha testers can take it into account regarding new feedback.