Artifact Challenge boss nerfs and other WoW Hotfixes for April 10 So far, I’ve seen a lot of complaints about Thunderslash being nerfed and not any complaints about Inquisitor Variss getting watered down in this round of hotfixes for Patch 7.2. DKs, Demon Hunters, Hunters, Mages, Warlocks and Warriors all saw Artifact Traits get some buffs or nerfs, and there were changes to dungeons, class halls...

Arcane Sanctum: Best Legion Mage talents for leveling and questing The Legion pre-patch might be almost live by the time you’re reading this! All of the Artifact weapons, mechanics changes and talents we’ve been reading about are almost here.

Arcane Sanctum: Legion’s Arcane Mage Artifact quest If you’re an Arcane Mage (or any Mage) who’s been itching to know more about the Aluneth questline, you’ve come to the right place! This post includes many screenshots which show in detail the entire chain from start to finish.

Arcane Sanctum: Legion Fire Mage impressions This is a really exciting week for me, fellow Mages, because I finally got into the Legion beta! Although I’ve done my best to gather information to share with you up to this point, and colleagues have been very helpful (thanks again to Megan O’Neill for helping me with screenshots multiple times), there’s nothing like...

Arcane Sanctum: Choosing your spec for Legion Although being a pure DPS class is not without some disadvantages, one of the major advantages for us is that we have three distinctly different specs to choose from when it comes to how we want to deal damage. We don’t have the flexibility of hybrid classes, but it doesn’t mean we’re completely without options....

Arcane Sanctum: Mage legendaries and Order Hall upgrades The weeks go by and bring us ever closer to the Legion release date. The big news this week is the advancement of testing to a closed beta, no longer an alpha.

Arcane Sanctum: Keeping busy until Legion The most exciting news this week is that since we last spoke, we have a release date for Legion! Now we know what we’re dealing with in terms of wait time, for those of us who aren’t in the alpha and haven’t seen new content in awhile.

Arcane Sanctum: Spell effects and Class Order Hall updates During the course of Legion’s alpha test, there’ve been major changes and updates to report on. We’ve looked at the upcoming talent changes for Arcane, Fire, and Frost and the new artifact talent trees, too.

Arcane Sanctum: Mage PVP talents in Legion PVP is one of those polarizing topics for many players. Some people love it and may engage in organized PVP combat almost exclusively as their gameplay, and some people may have only set foot in a battleground when achievements force them to do so. If you fall into the latter group, Legion is bringing some sweeping changes...

Arcane Sanctum: Frost Mages and Lonely Winter Good news, everyone! Frost Mages are now available in the Legion alpha, and we also gained access to our third spec before the Warlocks, so we have that going for us.

Arcane Sanctum: Arcane Mages in the Legion alpha The latest Legion build introduced something of major importance to Mages — Arcane is now a playable spec in the alpha! As a result we’ve been able to take a look at the quest to obtain Aluneth, see how Arcane is playing after the changes to its Mastery, and check out an overhaul of AoE efficiency.

Arcane Sanctum: Legion’s Mage champions Just over a year ago when I chose the name for Arcane Sanctum, I chose it with a few things in mind. I wanted a clear demarcation that the column was new, just as the site itself was new.

Arcane Sanctum: Mage Tier 19 and talent changes in the Legion alpha Welcome to another installment of Arcane Sanctum! The Legion alpha is available once more and we’re starting to get information about changes to talents, Artifact Traits, and even datamined images of our Tier 19 set!

Arcane Sanctum: Mage artifact weapons in Legion Welcome back to Arcane Sanctum, 2016 edition! It’s pretty much just like the 2015 edition except with gradually more sunshine every day.

Arcane Sanctum: Frost Mage talent changes in the Legion alpha Over the last few Arcane Sanctums we’ve checked out the new talents coming to both Arcane Mages as well as Fire Mages. In case those were not the specs you’re looking for, this week we’re giving Frost its fair turn in the spotlight!

Know Your Lore: Mage Artifact lore in Legion Our look at Artifact weapons at last comes to those wielded by Mages, the masters of Fire, Frost, and the Arcane. Mages have had quite an impact on the history of Azeroth, from those Highborne who allied with Azshara and the Burning Legion to those who stood against them and fought to preserve Azeroth.