Lightsworn: Preparing your Paladin for Antorus Hey, Blizzard Watch, it’s hammer time! The forces of Azeroth have set their sights on Antorus, the Burning Throne itself.

New WoW hotfixes ensure Carefully Hidden Muffins are just for you A short list of WoW hotfixes was released late last night for patch 7.3. There’s nothing too substantial this time around, although Priests and Paladins each have a hotfix.

Lightsworn: Legion’s healing trinkets Deciding which healing trinkets to use is always an interesting minigame. Unlike our DPS comrades, whose trinket choices mostly come down to “highest single-target DPS” or “highest multi-target DPS”, we healers typically get to take our pick from a wide variety of trinkets, all with their own unique benefits, situational uses, and mechanics.

Lightsworn: Taking down Kil’jaeden as a Holy Paladin At long last, it’s finally time to plunge deep into the depths of the Tomb of Sargeras and take down the Deceiver himself, Kil’jaeden. As appropriate for the final boss of a tier, Kil’jaeden has a big bag of tricks, and some very creative mechanics.

Lightsworn: Tackling the Tomb of Sargeras as a Holy Paladin There are nine bosses lurking in the Tomb of Sargeras. We'll take a look at the first eight this month, and tackle the big spicy habanero himself, Kil'jaeden, next month when he is unlocked on Raid Finder.

Lightsworn: Stirring in the Shadows for the Paladin class mount If you’ve been dutifully plugging away and finishing all the special Broken Shore weekly quests up until now, you should have earned Breaching the TombĀ for completing the Legionfall campaign. Assuming you’re Revered with the Armies of Legionfall by now, this means you’ve also unlocked something else: a questline that rewards a shiny, Paladin-only class mount!...

Lightsworn: Conquering The Highlord’s Return Hey, Blizzard Watch 2.0, it’s hammer time! Since we first saw it in Legion beta, Protection Paladins coveted the Crest of Holy Fire, the hidden Artifact appearance which turns our sword into a flail like the Diablo 3 Crusader.

Lightsworn: Revised Holy Paladin Tier 20 set bonuses revealed Ever since Patch 7.2.5 hit the PTR, Holy Paladins have been expressing serious concerns about our upcoming Tier 20 set bonuses, which required us to target injured, low-health friendly targets before casting Light of Dawn. Not only did these bonuses seem clunky and frustrating to deal with, they also seemed a bizarre step backwards in...

Lightsworn: Changing your healing style to match tier bonuses I love getting new tier sets. Not just for the obvious benefits they have on our healing numbers, but because they often encourage us to adjust the way we play to accommodate special procs, shortened cooldowns, or bonus spell charges.

Lightsworn: Mythic plus with a Paladin tank Hey Blizzard Watch, it’s hammer time! Mythic+ dungeons have added a progression path for 5 man content that has been needed for a long time.

Lightsworn: Bringing the Light to Nightspire and Betrayer’s Rise The Nighthold is a big place, but it’s almost clear of those pesky demons, uppity elves, and grandstanding warlocks. Just two wings await us — the Nightspire, where Tichondrius, Krosus, and Grand Magistrix Elisande can be found, and Betrayer’s Rise, where we can finally put an end to this alternate-timeline Gul’dan.

Lightsworn: Bringing the Light to the Nighthold Nighthold is here, friends, and oh my goodness is it gorgeous. We’re just going to like, move in once we kick out Elisande and Gul’dan, right?

Lightsworn: Transition into tanking Hey Blizzard Watch, it’s Hammer time! Until Legion, most Paladins had a Retribution spec and a support spec (Holy or Protection).

Lightsworn: Paladin tank trinkets, including Nighthold Hey, Blizzard Watch, it’s Hammer time! In Legion, gear decisions are straightforward, and in most cases, taking the higher ilevel piece is the best bet.

Lightsworn: Holy Paladin changes, Legendary item updates in Patch 7.1.5 Patch 7.1.5 is on the PTR now, let the datamining commence! Actually, there’s not much new for Holy Paladins.

Lightsworn: Tankadin UI Hey Blizzard Watch! It’s Hammer time!