Spiritual Guidance: Using healing legendaries in different activities Legendaries are frustrating, largely due to all the RNG involved. For healing Priests, we’re told to get certain weapons and then we’re good.

New WoW hotfixes ensure Carefully Hidden Muffins are just for you A short list of WoW hotfixes was released late last night for patch 7.3. There’s nothing too substantial this time around, although Priests and Paladins each have a hotfix.

Spiritual Guidance: Figuring out the Netherlight Crucible as a healer In a rare moment of sync from your two Priest columnists, you get double the Netherlight Crucible fun this month. But hey, the Netherlight Crucible is new and fancy so we may as well talk about it.

Shadow Word: Surviving Argus and understanding the Netherlight Crucible Argus has been floating in the sky for some time now, but it wasn’t until recently that we could actually go there. Now that we’ve had a chance to make the trek onto the green, shattered world, we’re realizing that it’s not very forgiving.

Spiritual Guidance: Evaluating logs as a healing priest One of the best ways of analyzing your performance is by going through combat logs. Most guilds these days use the combat log to upload to Warcraft Logs, where it spits out nearly every bit of data you could imagine.

Spiritual Guidance: Playing what you want as a healing Priest One of the most common questions asked when people make a new Priest is, “What spec should I be?” or “What is the best spec?” Well, I’m here to tell you there isn’t one. Sure, you’ll see high-end players playing one particular spec.

Spiritual Guidance: Diving into The Sunken Vault for your Priest class mount Everything these past 11 weeks has led to this. You’ve defeated the Nighthold, assaulted the Broken Shore, defended the Broken Isles, built up the armies of Legionfall, and breached the Tomb of Sargeras itself.

Know Your Lore: The Life and Death of Natalie Seline She died in her sleep. That incongruous fact should not be taken to mean she died peacefully or of natural causes.

Spiritual Guidance: Set bonuses and legendaries in patch 7.2.5 The PTR has been hopping with updates and getting tweaks here and there, but it seems the big changes are in and here to stay while the specific numbers may change slightly. Tier 20 set bonuses have been on the PTR for a bit, which are exciting and getting more relevant the closer we get...

Spiritual Guidance: Discipline and Holy changes in patch 7.2.5 Patch 7.2 has barely been out a month, and we already have 7.2.5 on the horizon via the ever-present PTR. We didn’t receive many changes in 7.2 and 7.2.5 is making up for that — especially in the face of Tomb of Sargeras and the next set of tier bonuses.

Shadow Word: Tips for unlocking the new challenge Artifact appearance Greetings, Shadow Priests! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Spiritual Guidance: Priest healing in upper Nighthold Welcome back to Spiritual Guidance. We’ll be picking up today with the remaining two wings in Nighthold: Nightspire and Betrayer’s Rise.

Spiritual Guidance: Priest Healing in Nighthold Nighthold is just beautiful. If you haven’t had a chance to go in, do.

Shadow Word: Shadow Priest AOE in Legion Hello, Shadow Priests! Have you missed me?

Spiritual Guidance: Gearing your healing Priest in Nighthold Gear this expansion is very Diablo-ish. There’s a lot of RNG and everything can always upgrade.

Spiritual Guidance: Addons and UI for healing Priests Your UI and addons are all about what works for you. Some people work well with the base UI, but it’s very lacking, and most will opt to rearrange it so that they get the information they need much quicker.