New Rogue pickpocketing quests and rewards on WoW 7.2.5 PTR Our old friend Griftah is up to his old tricks, and as you progress through the quest pickpocking Coins of Air (think the Dingy Iron Coins from Warlords updated) which you can turn in a repeatable weekly quest that gives 4999 gold in exchange for 10,000 coins.

Encrypted Text: Patch 7.0.3 Rogue crash course Salutations, sneakthieves, spies and scalawags. Welcome to your new Rogue.

Encrypted Text: Best Rogue talents for questing and leveling in Legion Demon Hunters be damned, Paladins be purged and Hunters be haunted: There is no character better engineered for leveling in WoW than the solitary Rogue. Our combination of stealth, speed, and power allows us to play connect-the-dots with our unsuspecting prey, flitting from NPC to NPC at our whim, executing a controlled dance of silent...

Encrypted Text: Previewing the Legion Assassination Rogue The assassins are back. The Rogue Assassination spec took its time joining Outlaw and Subtlety in our upcoming war against the Burning Legion, clearly awaiting the opportune moment to strike at the heart of an overconfident enemy.

Video: Legion Assassination Rogue Artifact quests The latest build of the Legion alpha finally opened up the Assassination Rogue for testing — including acquisition of their Artifact weapons, the Kingslayers. When we got our first glimpse at the lore behind these weapons, I have to admit I was a little confused, especially considering their grisly history.

Encrypted Text: First glimpse of the (revised) Subtlety Rogue in Legion You know the old saying: If at first Subtlety doesn’t succeed, try, try again. After releasing the first playable version of the Subtlety Rogue into the untamed waters of the Legion alpha on January 27, WoW‘s design team was buffeted with gale-force winds of player opposition.

Encrypted Text: How (good) feedback changed the Legion Rogue This week’s edition of Encrypted Text isn’t about Rogue class design or gameplay. It’s about the power we have to change it.

Encrypted Text: Eight Rogue talents to hug (or stab) goodbye before Legion Some of us see the poison vial as half full. “Whoa,” we say, “all three Rogue specs are getting a ton of changes in Legion!

Encrypted Text: Answering your questions about Rogues in Legion While we wait for the first new Legion alpha build of the new year (fingers crossed for playable Assassination and Subtlety specs!), how’s about we take a column to catch up with each other, fellow roguelings? As we take stock of what we’ve learned about the Rogue class in Legion thus far, what’s on your mind?

Video: Legion Rogue class hall tour Today, we take a look at the Rogue class hall in World of Warcraft: Legion. The initial mention of Rogues making their home in a sewer system didn’t go over too well, sparking the Ravenholdt or Riot campaign, but the developers stuck to their guns with the Dalaran Sewers.

Know Your Lore: Rogue Artifact lore in Legion Rogue lore is a little…different in Legion, partially in regards to Rogue Artifact lore, and partially just due to the Rogue class itself. Rogues fall into a space similar to Warlocks in that the class itself isn’t exactly known for being altruistic.

Encrypted Text: Four observations of a Legion alpha Rogue Only one Rogue spec is currently playable in the Legion alpha. Even for the spec that’s available, many new abilities don’t yet have their animations in place or talents fully implemented.

Encrypted Text: First glimpse of the Outlaw Rogue in Legion Hide your valuables: The Outlaws are coming. No, not those Outlaws.

Encrypted Text: Making sense of the Legion Rogue class preview Looks like WoW‘s Rogues are about to get a lot roguier. Ever patient and opportunistic, we Rogue players endured a longer wait for our Legion class preview than players of any other class.

WoW Legion Rogue class preview The final Legion class preview is here, and it’s a doozy. Rogues may not be switching resource types or moving from melee to ranged, but the class will see a lot of changes to give each spec a unique identity.

Rogue’s class hall will not be Ravenholdt In the same interview with Dave Kosak (Lead Narriative Designer) where he let drop some specifics about Legion‘s pre-launch event, he also told us that Rogues are not getting Ravenholdt as their class hall. Blizzard has something else in-mind entirely.