Gul’dan mount in LFR was a bug, fixed in latest WoW hotfixes Sorry guys. The instances of the rare Living Infernal Core mount from Gul’dan that were dropping in Raid Finder were apparently not intended.

Latest WoW hotfixes address bonus rolls on Greater Invasion Points and more A short list of 7.3 hotfixes was released last night, addressing a few loot issues and some PVP adjustments as well. Players that have been experiencing trouble getting that pesky bonus roll window to pop up on Greater Invasion Point bosses can breath a sigh of relief — the issue has been fixed.

Brewmaster monk with mage tower challenge appearance
Zen Meditation: Patch 7.2.5 gives Monks the good, the bad, and the ugly {PB} With the arrival of patch 7.2.5, I’m sure many a Monk is stressing out. Should I be excited?

Zen Meditation: Mastering the wind in PVP With the focus on new tiers coming out every other day, I admittedly haven’t gotten to do nearly as much PVP as normal. Legion‘s been pretty exciting overall — tons of new content, new instances, new everything.

A monk in Stormstout Brewery
Zen Meditation: Brewmaster secondary stats and when to use them Which Brewmaster stats are the most useful? Which ones should you be searching for?

Know Your Lore: The Fist of the First Dawn There are many kinds of monks — religious men and women who inhabit monasteries and devote themselves, for example — but World of Warcraft Monks are a different story: chi-wielding unarmed combat specialists who can heal wounds, strike like lightning, and dazzle an enemy with seeming intoxication. They owe their existence to the Pandaren of...

Love is in the air for monks
Zen Meditation: A love for Monks When considering what I wanted to write for this month, I had a few options. I knew I wanted to do something Valentine’s Day themed for this week, and considered discussing all the wonderful things our monks can heal, DPS, or tank.

Zen Meditation: Legendary Mistweaving Well, here’s a topic I’ve tried to avoid: discussing legendaries at all. I’ve not been terribly shy about admitting that I’m not a fan of the legendary system for Legion.

Zen Meditation: Brewmaster in patch 7.1.5 It’s been some time since we’ve met, fellow monks. I hope you have all had a wonderful holiday season, with friends and family alike.

A monk in Stormstout Brewery
Zen Meditation: Monks in patch 7.1 Patch 7.1 has arrived. Not only do we get to hit up Trial of Valor, but we even get to have a nice nostalgia trip in Karazhan!

Monk casting Ring of Peace, courtesy of Magdalena of Whisperwind (US)
Zen Meditation: Theorying your monkcraft Thanks to Ask Mr. Robot, there’s been a fair amount of discussion about theorycrafting.

Zen Meditation: Is your Monk ready to raid Emerald Nightmare? With Emerald Nightmare, Mythic+ dungeons, and PVP Season 1 are finally releasing, you’re probably panicked and stressed as I am about getting your Monk raid ready. So on that note, let’s take a few minutes just to breathe. Ready?

Zen Meditation: What Windwalker and Mistweaver Monks need to know for Patch 7.0 It’s almost time for the Legion pre-patch! Servers will go down this Tuesday, July 19th, and when they’re back on line we’ll be in a patch 7.0 world.

A Brewpup and his Christmas Keg
Zen Meditation: What Brewmaster Monks need to know for patch 7.0 Legion’s release date is getting closer, and now we know the Legion pre-patch is coming on July 19th. Now, likely, you’re scrambling to get in your last minute prep.

Zen Meditation: Roleplaying your Monk with creative freedom So you want to roleplay a Monk, but maybe you’re not sure of what kind of origin story to use. Or maybe you aren’t sure what kind of background works.

Zen Meditation: Brewmaster Monk artifact quest preview Similar to previous artifact previews — check out our previews for Windwalker and Mistweaver — there will be many, many Legion story spoilers here. If you want to experience this quest fresh when Legion launches, don’t click on!