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Heroes of the Storm: Muradin guide

Muradin Bronzebeard, brother to the petrified dwarf king Magni as well as world-renowned explorer Brann, accompanied Arthas to Northrend in Warcraft 3, lost his memory, became the king of the frost dwarves, then eventually made his way back to Ironforge to represent his clan on the Council of Three Hammers. In Heroes of the Storm, Muradin is a stout warrior who is not afraid to throw his hammer, as well as himself, around the battlefield.

Muradin is a melee warrior, protecting his allies by keeping the enemy team at bay and attempting to draw damage away from friendlies. He is both a popular hero as well as an effective one, but it’ll take more than hitting a few buttons to play Muradin well. But never fear, the Mountain King is here, and together we can be one of the best front line heroes in the game (now with delicious candy coating)!


Storm Bolt – A straight line skillshot that stuns the first target it hits, Storm Bolt is a great tool for initiating on a squishy enemy hero or interrupting a channeled spell like the dragon knight’s knockback. Being a skillshot, aiming this particular ability can be tricky with heavy movement.

Thunder Clap – Thunder Clap is an AOE slow that’s both relatively cheap and on a short timer. This ability is great for team fights as well as simply clearing minion waves. Use Thunder Clap before Storm Bolt to make landing the skillshot a bit easier, as well as to keep your target in range longer.

Dwarf Toss – Muradin’s most important ability in my opinion, Dwarf Toss lets the Mountain King hop into the fray or out of danger. Mastering this ability is key to being a great Muradin player. An important thing to note is that you can hop over most obstacles with this ability, from walls and gates to hedges and edges.

Avatar – The first of Muradin’s heroic abilities, Avatar turns him into a giant dwarf (not an oxymoron in this case), causing his health to increase a large amount and all of his attacks to stun enemies briefly. Avatar has a very nice interaction with Muradin’s trait — because Second Wind is based on a percentage of max health Muradin’s health regenerates for more per tick, and as soon as he shrinks back down to normal he retains all of that regenerated health. Essentially, Avatar is a good chunk of healing in most cases.

Haymaker – The Mountain King’s second heroic ability, Haymaker is the crowd control alternative to Avatar’s survivability cooldown. A single target stun that knocks its target back a significant amount, though bear in mind that there’s a small wind-up involved and, as such, it’s vulnerable to interruption. It also has to be targeted onto a hero, despite the fact that it has a skillshot-like path reticle.

Second Wind – Muradin’s trait, Second Wind, increases his health regeneration after Muradin hasn’t taken any damage for 4 seconds, with an increased effect if Muradin dips below 40% health. Note that this is not “out of combat for 4 seconds,” meaning Second Wind can trigger as long as you’re not getting hit. This trait allows Muradin to simply hang back, heal up, then dive right back into the action, significantly reducing his downtime.


Playing Muradin

Muradin the Mountain King is one of the premier warriors in Heroes right now. Mobility, crowd control, sustain — Muradin has it all. With all of these tools, however, comes the responsibility to use them effectively, and Muradin can be a tricky hero to play to his full effectiveness.


  • Decent crowd control
  • Very mobile
  • Large amount of sustain

  • Somewhat low damage
  • Relatively high skill floor
  • Can only have one on your team

Muradin is rated “medium” in difficulty by Blizzard, a fair assessment I’d say. Playing this dwarf warrior well involves a good amount of proper positioning, crowd control coordination, and simply knowing when to walk away. His Storm Bolt can be used to great effect to either initiate an engagement or take someone out of one, albeit briefly. Thunder Clap and its applied slow can combo with friendly burst AOE damage quite well, and can also be used to chase and single out a fleeing enemy hero. And Dwarf Toss, well, this little ability may be one of the most entertaining and potent forms of mobility in Heroes of the Storm.

Muradin also has a healthy amount of flexibility when it comes to talent builds, though his effectiveness often leads to only a couple talents each tier being used competitively. In my experience, the two builds that see the most use are a Storm Bolt build and a Thunder Clap build, each focusing on their titular abilities. Keep in mind, however, that these builds are not set in stone, with each tier offering multiple viable options for whatever role your Muradin needs to fill.

Level 1 All four of Muradin’s level 1 talents are fairly good, though Reverberation and Perfect Storm see a bit more play than Block and Infused Hammer. Reverberation is great against heroes that rely on attack speed, especially those that like to linger in melee like Illidan and Zeratul. Perfect Storm and Infused Hammer have their place in matches where your front line is overflowing with beefy heroes and you need to be pushing out a bit more damage, or getting some mana back from using those abilities often. And Block is always nice in increasing your survivability, especially if you think you’ll be facing a lot of burst damage.

Level 4 There are a number of great talents this tier as well. Crowd Control and Thunder Burn are both nice buffs to Thunder Clap, the latter usually being the more “default” choice this tier because of its mana efficiency and double slow application. Sledgehammer is a lot of fun and can be great for laning on a big map. Third Wind seems to be the odd talent out at level 4 — I certainly haven’t seen a whole lot of Muradins picking this up but it could very well be a nice talent for increasing your sustain and survivability.

Level 7 At level 7 we see a bit of a deviation as two talents are the clear winners, with the remaining two not seeing much play. Piercing Bolt is typically the go-to here as it not only increases the damage of each Storm Bolt cast (provided it hits two targets, that is), it doubles its number of stuns as well. A very useful talent for team fights at pretty much any point in the game.

Battle Momentum is the other winner this tier, though it definitely takes silver to Piercing Bolt’s gold. This talent is often seen in more damage-oriented builds, typically paired with Thunderburn and, later on, Thunder Strike to up Muradin’s damage output.

Landing Momentum could be good for setting up a body block or making good on an escape, but if you learn how to use Dwarf Toss well then this talent becomes much less useful. And Skullcracker doesn’t seem to work well with Muradin’s “jump into a fight and start throwing out punches” playstyle; I’d say this talent is more suited for chasing, which is not something our Mountain King is known for.

Level 10 The halfway point as far as talents go, level 10 rolls out heroic abilities and Muradin is no different. The first heroic this dwarf can get is Avatar, and it is by and large the more popular and more useful heroic option. As the first line of defense for your squishies, popping Avatar means you’ll have more health to soak up damage and more stuns to annoy the enemy team with.

Haymaker is a very cool ability, and it has one of the greatest sound effects when used to hit a hero back into other units, but its problem is that it’s too difficult to use effectively when Muradin is sitting in a dog pile of friendly and enemy units. And yes, you can Dwarf Toss into your enemy’s back line and punch their squishies forward, but that is a very risky proposition and requires a lot of coordination with your team to make sure that you don’t just melt as soon as you bury yourself in that mess.

Besides, Haymaker doesn’t turn you into chocolate.


Level 13 Much like level 7, two talents stand above the rest at this tier: Thunder Strike and Burning Rage. Thunder Strike is a natural pick if you’re chasing a damage build and are reasonably certain you can single out enemy heroes somewhat regularly. Burning Rage, on the other hand, is great for a much more traditional warrior playstyle, allowing you to get some nice rolling damage in while you’re in melee range of your targets — since you’ll want to be in your opponent’s faces at every engagement, this is essentially “free” damage.

Healing Static’s maximum effectiveness will come with either a melee-heavy enemy team or a friendly team composition of AOE stuns and the like, allowing you to hit as many targets with your Thunder Clap as possible. Note that even if you hit every enemy team member, Healing Static still only heals you for 7.5% of your max health; this number can go up to 10.5% if you stomp an entire minion wave, and possibly even higher if you manage to do some combination of minions and heroes. In my opinion, this is not significantly more beneficial than simply backing out and letting Second Wind kick in and, therefore, not quite worth grabbing.

And Spell Shield, as usual, fills the hole of “could be good, but the other talents are probably better” that it does on almost every hero. That’s not to say that it’s terrible; Spell Shield can really cut incoming burst damage against those types of heroes. It’s just much more of a niche talent than the others.

Level 16 Although there’s one talent this tier that is the crowd favorite, a few others remain viable picks.

Stoneform, the most popular talent at level 16, gives an insane amount of healing, though that healing is spread over 8 seconds. Interestingly Second Wind is deactivated while Stoneform is up, meaning the best time to use this talent is when you’re in the thick of battle or being harassed and your trait simply can’t kick in. Stoneform is especially useful if your team doesn’t have a support or has a fairly weak support such as Tyrande or Tassadar.

Heavy Impact and Dwarf Launch both modify Dwarf Toss, the latter talent being the one I prefer. Dwarf Launch lets you engage faster and escape more easily, great on maps like Blackheart’s Bay and Tomb of the Spider Queen. Heavy Impact is still fairly good, though personally I feel like most of my hops are followed up by a Thunder Clap and Storm Bolt in quick succession, making the short stun from the talent not really worth talenting for.

Imposing Presence is a very niche talent, but it can be devastating against heroes whose attack speed is their bread and butter, such as Valla and Illidan. Imposing Presence and Reverberation can dial back these heroes’ damage quite a bit. Also note that this would be a great pick against enemy heroes that opt for Battle Momentum as well.

Give ‘em the Axe! could have some nice synergy with pretty much Muradin’s entire kit, but most of the Mountain King’s damage will likely be coming from his abilities and not from his basic attacks. This talent could alter that balance, but there are simply much better options, even for a damage-heavy build.

Level 20 The final talent tier brings upgrades to Muradin’s heroic abilities as well as a defensive option and a more flexible, though admittedly offensively flavored, option.

Unstoppable Force upgrades your Avatar’s duration and adds a Relentless-like effect to the ability. This is an easy grab if you’re the only warrior on your team, or you’re playing the role of “main tank” with your other warrior being a Sonya or Tyrael.

If you picked up Haymaker, Grand Slam is another no-brainer option. Increasing your heroic’s damage, lowering its cost, and giving it a second charge all sound like great additions to the ability. That said, because Haymaker is so seldomly picked, Grand Slam suffers the same fate.

Hardened Shield is a very strong cooldown, great for when you’re facing a very bursty enemy team. Being able to survive their burst could open the door to a lot of plays for your team as the opposing heroes will be waiting on cooldowns or mana to be able to respond.

Rewind allows you to create some burst of your very own. The great thing about Rewind is that it’s flexible; you can use it defensively with Dwarf Toss, or offensively with Thunder Clap and Storm Bolt. You can use it if you just need that little bit of extra damage, more slows, or another stun.

That about wraps it up for Muradin. Whether the Mountain King will retain his primacy amongst the warriors in Heroes of the Storm or if he’ll see the same adjustments as Diablo and E.T.C. is uncertain. Either way he’s a lot of fun, so I’d highly encourage you to give him a go during a free-to-play week or grab him during a sale. As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop them in the comment section below!

Written by Dan Desmond. Last updated 6/16/2015.

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