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Heroes of the Storm: Zagara Skins

Zagara is a Specialist from the StarCraft franchise. If you’re new to Heroes of the Storm, consider checking out our guide to the Specialist role. You might also want to check our general Heroes of the Storm guide which includes all of our Heroes walkthroughs, tutorials, features, and news coverage.

You can click on the images below to see Zagara’s skin options in a higher resolution.

Table of Contents

Broodmother of the Swarm Zagara

heroes-zagara-broodmother-base-skin-headerIf Kerrigan is the Queen of the Zerg, then Zagara is the mother of the brood. Cunning and tenacious, she commands her vicious minions on the field of battle. Encounter her brood and beware: Mess with her children, and you answer to mama.

Base Skin
Palette Options:
Green, orange, purple
Price: $8.49 / 7.49€

Master Zagara

heroes-zagara-master-skin-headerAs his Queen ordered, Abathur augmented Zagara’s sequences allowing her more flexible thinking, and a stronger control over her brood… but there’s always room for a little more improvement.

Additional Features: None
Palette Options: Green, orange, blue
Price: 10,000g (requires Hero Level 10)

Insectoid Zagara

heroes-zagara-insectoid-skin-620Dr. Wright hypothesized only insects would survive in the ruins of a post-apocalyptic Tarsonis. Years later, as the mutated hivemother’s pincers closed around his neck, he realized how right he was.

Additional Features: None
Palette Options: Red, blue, green
Price: $7.49 / 6.49€

Desert Queen Zagara

heroes-zagara-desert-queen-skin-620The sands of Luxoria are ever shifting. In ancient times, they were ruled by the scarab swarm, and if the ancient Queen Zagara has her way, they shall be once again.

Additional Features: Themed abilities
Palette Options: Gold, teal, brown
Price: $9.99 / 8.99€

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