Blizzard Watch … the product

Interested in what’s happening behind the scenes at Blizzard Watch? Here’s where you can find the source code and what’s been changed on the site. More to come soon!

Main links

Fixes for the week of June 28

  • Ads interpolated throughout the sidebar at a more reasonable and profitable spacing
  • Search moved out of the top of the site and into the sidebar
  • Tablet margins, paddings, and borders changed to be smaller
  • Tablets (iPad in particular) shows the sidebar on the side now, instead of below the content.
  • River ads are smaller and spaced at positions 2 and 4, will appear on all devices.
  • Blue quote boxes are showing on mobile
  • Return shortcode for mobile ads only
  • Link color fixed on mobile
  • Remove bottom blank space margin on social buttons.
  • Move sidebar ad above social
  • About page

Fixes for the week of June 21

  • Corrected errant : on timestamp on river articles.
  • New Feature: Twitter handle field added to author page, when put in will display on author page, all posts, and all rivers in the byline. Author names in the byline now link to author page.
  • New option on posts’ sidebar: “Display red update box” will show an “Updated” overlay on the post’s image in the upper right corner.
  • Fix river ads to not break mobile device width
  • Use the intro field as the Queue’s excerpt for display on all rivers.
  • Related Posts css tweak
  • Date will now display on all river posts, ignoring WordPress’s same date rule for the_date(). Date format hard coded.
  • Posts can now use the “Read More” button in the WordPress editor to generate a read more tag, which will dictate the content that will appear “before the break” on the front page. Any excerpt provided overrides the tag. If no tag or excerpt is provided, a default excerpt length of 55 words is used.
  • Categories display in box near top of content, floating right.
  • Add top margin to the mobile header ad for vertical centering.
  • Decrease logo size, clean header ad location and spacing up, fix tablet display “extra space” bug
  • Author pages built out.
  • Remainder of debug code removed, live preview removed
  • Mobile and tablet sites built out, mobile view optional, fully responsive
  • Reduce font size on author bio in posts, scale picture to match other elements.
  • Author name and bios displayed correctly.
  • Author bios on posts, style Related Posts heading, h5 set in stone
  • Main Slider: Hide overflow and prevent vertical growth during page load.
  • Comments overlay on featured images on articles only now anchors to the comment section.
  • Remove styles from H2 :focus links, slight color tweak on links.
  • Change :hover and :active styles on H2 links for the homepage.
  • Add back in Feature Calendar to admin interface.
  • Paginate on archives and cats
  • Major debug code removed, live preview added for leads
  • Initial commit and push to live server for dev only testing