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WoWAug 25, 2021 10:00 am CT

How to solo queue for old LFR difficulty raids to collect transmog

So, you’re a transmog fiend. It’s okay, you’re among friends here — I have been known to do some fiending for mog gear, there’s no shame in wanting pretty outfits. Since the various Battle for Azeroth raids had their LFR versions added to the roster of LFR difficulty raids that can be solo queued for in patch 9.0.5, it’s probably a good time to explain where the various NPCs that allow you to queue up for LFR by yourself are and why you’d want to.

Well, I kind of already told you, but I’ll make it more explicit — there are a whole host of transmog appearances available in the various LFRs going back to Dragon Soul in Cataclysm. In some cases, the appearances in LFR are completely different from other difficulty levels, while in others, they’re simply recolors of the drops from other raid difficulties. There are also pets that can be farmed on LFR difficulty as well. Plus, it’s usually pretty easy — even the BFA LFR fights are fairly doable.

So let’s work backwards and talk about how to queue for LFR solo in every expansion that allows it.

Where to queue for Battle for Azeroth LFR

There are two NPCs that will allow you to queue up for these raids on LFR difficulty. In Boralus, friendly Tortollan NPC Kiku, the Keeper of Histories is your go to. But if you’d rather go to Dazar’alor, most likely because you’re Horde, but maybe you  just like getting attacked a lot — like I said I’m not here to judge you — then Eppu, another Keeper of Histories, will be glad to queue you up for all the various wings of the various raids, from Uldir to the Battle of Dazar’alor and the Crucible of Storms, to the Eternal Palace and Ny’alotha itself.

Some of the standout transmog items include Khor, Hammer of the Corrupted, Void-Binder, Glaive of the Keepers, Voror, Gleaming Blade of the Stalwart, Monstrosity’s Shipbreaker, Fang of the Behemoth, Stormtamer’s Orb. Oh, and keep in mind, the G.M.O.D. doesn’t drop from Mekkatorque in LFR difficulty

Where to queue for Legion and Warlords of Draenor LFR

For Legion LFR, go to Dalaran and speak to Archmage Timear. While there aren’t any weapons to speak of since Legion was the Artifact expansion, the Tomb of Sargeras LFR sets are excellent for transmog, and you can always run Antorus LFR for special weapon transmogs like Taeshalach or the Scythe of the Unmaker. Like Battle for Azeroth LFR, the items that drop in Legion LFR are just recolors of the pieces that drop in normal/heroic. You can also get mounts such as the Abyss Worm and the Antoran Charhound.

However, in Warlords of Draenor, things are a little different. For Warlords of Draenor LFR raids, you can queue from your Garrison, as both Horde and Alliance have Seer Kazal. He should be close to your town hall. LFR raids didn’t drop the same gear as higher difficulties in Warlords, instead dropping items that resembled various PVP sets. Some of them are still pretty cool looking, such as the Greatsword of Chaos or Soulcult Ritual Staff.

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Where to queue for Mists of Pandaria and Cataclysm LFR

To solo queue for Mists of Pandaria, you need to find Lorewaker Han in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, standing right next to Cho up top near the Mogushan Palace. This expansion was the first one to have LFR versions of every raid, and thus LFR versions of weapons and set gear for transmog. And at this point, Mists LFR is trivial to solo, even Throne of Thunder or Siege of Orgrimmar. Quite a lot of really good transmog in these raids, more than I can really sum up, but standouts include Starshatter, Shin’ka, Execution of Dominion, Bo-Ris, Horror in the Night, and Iron Qon’s Boot Knife.

To solo queue for the only available Cataclysm era LFR, simply go to the entrance to the Dragon Soul raid in the Caverns of Time and speak to Auridormi, the Raid Finder Guardian. There are LFR specific set recolors here as well as the various weapons that were available in LFR, such as Gurthalak. I actually think the LFR versions of these weapons are often better looking due to them having more cool off-tones like blue, like in the case of No-Kaled, the Elements of Death or the Maw of the Dragonlord.

So take heart, brave transmog addicts, not that we’re addicts and even if we are so what, it’s perfectly normal to run Dragon Soul LFR over and over and over again looking for a blue sword, don’t you judge me. Anyway, yes, you can now farm in all the LFR difficulty raids before Shadowlands if that’s your jam.

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