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WoWNov 8, 2023 11:00 am CT

How to complete the Emerald Dream’s interconnected events in WoW patch 10.2

Dragonflight patch 10.2 brings players to one of World of Warcraft’s most important areas, the Emerald Dream, where everything in patch 10.2 takes place. The patch includes more world events than ever, because within the Emerald Dream are three interconnected events for players to tackle — Superbloom, Emerald Frenzy, and Emerald Bounty.

A Superbloom happens at the beginning of every hour in the Emerald Dream zone: you’ll see a horn icon on the Ohn’ahran Plains zone map showing when the next Superbloom occurs. Emerald Frenzy happens directly after a Superbloom finishes while the Emerald Bounty can be started at any time as long as you have the materials.

We’ve put together how each event runs, what you need to do for each stage, and how they feed in to each other.

Superbloom event in patch 10.2

The goal of this event is to accompany Sprucecrown while it cultivates the plant life on its walk around Amirdrassil. Players will need to complete three to four different 7-minute phases of randomized objectives near Sprucecrown as it does its route. The Emerald Dream zone has a separate horn icon for the Superbloom showing Sprucecrown’s current location, and it will update and move to follow Sprucecrown, so you can track it and join. If the Superbloom is inactive, Sprucecrown’s default location is at Amirdrassil near the Flight Master.

Superbloom functions similarly to the Time Rifts event from patch 10.1.5 where different players will be in the same general area but have different objectives going on at the same time before coming together in the end to kill an elite boss. As Sprucecrown completes their route around Amirdrassil, certain areas will also spawn Dreamfruit that the player can interact with to gain powers and buffs for a short time to use for the remainder of the Superbloom. You’ll also notice a progression bar at the top of your screen called “Bloom Quality,” which tracks the “Bloom” you earn passively for completing objectives and killing mobs. The more bloom you earn, the higher quality rewards you’ll get when the Superbloom finishes.

The objectives for the Superbloom event include:

  • Water Rain-Starved Flowers
  • Kill Primalist enemies
  • Pull weeds from the fields
  • Kill the Primalist elite

Completing a Superbloom rewards currency, Flightstones, Dream Warden reputation, a chance at Drakwatcher Manuscripts, and most importantly Dreamseeds. There are three different types of Dreamseeds — Small, Plump, and Gigantic — and they’re the main component for triggering the Emerald Bounty. Superblooms also reward gear for each armor type:

  • Arctic Warden’s Warplate (Plate)
  • Crystalline Tender’s Warleathers (Leather)
  • Frigid Conservator’s Regalia (Cloth)
  • Winter Forager’s Embrace (Mail)

Emerald Frenzy event in patch 10.2

After Superbloom finishes, a small area in the Emerald Dream will be affected by Emerald Frenzy for the next 10 minutes. This appears on your map as a small horn and has the 10-minute countdown timer attached to it when you scroll over it. You’ll notice you entered the affected area because the screen will have a green-yellow tint and the mobs have the buff Emerald Frenzied on them.

The main focus of the Emerald Frenzy is collecting as much of the new patch 10.2 resource, Emerald Dewdrops, as you can in the 10-minute timeframe so you can use it for the Emerald Bounty. The mobs in the Emerald Dream drop small quantities of Emerald Dewdrops when defeated but the mobs in areas affected by the Emerald Frenzy will drop larger quantities of Emerald Dewdrops when you kill them.

Emerald Bounty event in patch 10.2

There are numerous Emerald Bounty dirt piles throughout the Emerald Dream zone which you can plant the Dreamseed you earned from the Superbloom in. You can also earn Dreamseeds as rewards for completing the Weekly Supply Shipment quests. As opposed to the other two events, you can start the event whenever you want as long as you have a Dreamseed to plant. Once you plant the Dreamseed, a flower stalk will sprout and you need to feed it Dreamseeds or Emerald Dewdrops for the next three minutes. Right now, it seems it’ll only accept additional Dreamseeds similar to the one that was planted, a Gigantic Dreamseed can only be fed Gigantic Dreamseeds or Emerald Dewdrops, for example.

When the timer ends, the giant flower turns in to a cache that you can open up and you can interact with to get your loot. The rewards are based on the quality of the Dreamseed you planted, which each type giving a certain reward. Small Dreamseeds reward armor sets, Plump Dreamseeds rewards pets, and Gigantic Dreamseeds reward mounts:

Dreamseed rewards will also include crafting materials and the new patch 10.2 currency, Seedbloom. Seedbloom functions like Flightstones and are accepted at various Emerald Dream vendors for transmog, cosmetics, pets, mounts, and gear upgrades.

Originally published September 18, 2023. Updated November 8, 2023.

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