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WoWApr 17, 2024 10:30 pm CT

Your Warband will get an XP boost for each character at level 80 in the War Within

A big focus of The War Within is the Warband, and a new set of Warband achievements will make it easier than ever to get every character you want to level cap by increasing your XP gains across all characters on your account. At least, that’s the case if these newly datamined achievements make it onto the live servers — and yes, I want to emphasize that they’ve been datamined from The War Within client by our friends over at Wowhead, so as always with datamined information this is subject to change as the upcoming beta progresses.

The Warband Mentor series of achievements will grant +5% XP for your first character to level cap — the level cap is 80 in The War Within — all the way up to +25% for your fifth character. Though your sixth, seventh, and beyond characters will certainly benefit from those gains, the XP gain is capped at that 25%. This will apply across your Warband, regardless of things like server and faction, just like many of the other perks associated with this new system of dealing with account-wide… well, everything.

This XP boost adds not only a nice perk for your Warband, but also a bit of a strategic hook. While your raid team might want you to grind that alt healer to cap fast in case Tony doesn’t make it on Thursdays, it might be a better strategy to zip your Hunter through, get the XP boost, and then start leveling your healer. Well, that’s the excuse I’d recommend you try, now that it’s an option, but I’m kind of conflict averse. I don’t think that this will truly change the game for anyone, but it’s certainly a nice little boost, and it seems like one perfect for an expansion with what seems like such a heavy emphasis on the whole of your account, rather than just one very strong main character.

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