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The War Within > WoWJun 24, 2024 8:00 am CT

How to transfer currency between your characters in The War Within

One of new features arriving alongside Warbands in The War Within prepatch is the ability to directly transfer currency between characters. No longer will players have to buy and mail BOA items to transfer currency; instead, you’ll be able to consolidate via a new transfer feature on the currency tab. While most currencies will transfer 1:1, there are some that enact a penalty similar to when you had to buy intermediary items although this seems limited to some older currencies such as Cosmic Ash and War Resources. Of course not every currency will be transferable; progression-based currencies such as Crests and Flightstones remain locked to the character they’re on.

The way the currency transfer process is implemented you’ll want to login on the character that you wish to send the currency to, not from. The advantage to this is that you don’t need to worry about who you’re grabbing it from; instead the game will know what each of your characters have and allow you to transfer to the destination toon as much as you want.

To start you’ll bring up the Currency tab on your Character Info pane. If the Currency is eligible to be transferred there will be a small icon of a campfire with an arrow above it when you mouseover its name; clicking the currency’s name will bring up the options and the Transfer button will be available as well.

Once you click the Transfer button you’ll see the above interface. You’ll be able to choose any character that has the currency from the list, and you can enter the amount you wish to transfer. The bottom of the screen will show the new balances after the transfer is completed, giving you the option to change the transfer amount or to cancel. Once you click Confirm the transfer will complete and the currency will be added to that character’s total. Note that if you have no other characters with that currency available the Transfer option will not be available.

Currencies that will be transferable with The War Within prepatch

Here are the currencies that you’ll be able to move between your characters once the Warbands feature is implemented in patch 11.0.1. (At least the ones we know about so far.) Those marked with an asterisk (*) do not transfer 1:1, but the transfer interface will alert you as to how much currency will be lost in the transfer — you don’t need to calculate it yourself. Dragonflight and The War Within prepatch currencies are in bold.

  • Darkmoon Prize Ticket
  • Timewarped Badge
  • 7th Legion/Honorbound Service Medal
  • Cataloged Research
  • Champion’s Seal
  • Cosmic Flux*
  • Curious Coin
  • Cyphers of the First Ones
  • Dragon Isles Supplies
  • Elemental Overflow
  • Grateful Offering
  • Honor*
  • Infused Ruby
  • Mysterious Fragment
  • Nethershard
  • Paracausal Flakes
  • Residual Memories
  • Riders of Azeroth Badge
  • Seafarer’s Dubloon
  • Soul Ash*
  • Soul Cinders*
  • Timeless Coin
  • Trial of Style Token
  • Undercoin
  • War Resources*

Originally published June 24, 2024. Updated July 15, 2024.

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