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BlizzCaps: I’m only dreaming

Submitter Paladave of the Queue on Garona (US-A) writes, “With Blizzcon on this weekend, getting our regular of The Queue raid teams together was next to impossible (we have 3, normally). So instead we put together one mixed team from those who were available and even managed to kill Xavius! Second kill for some of us, first for others, but after we got our picture taken with Cenarius in the Dream there were some differences of opinion about what to do next. A group with the Kara attunement decided to go run that. Some others called it a night, or went on to other characters and did other content. A couple went out to catch Dream Whelplings. I decided to wander around the dream a bit longer to see what’s there.

To my surprise, I found a cave across the lake from Cenarius. To my further surprise, I found a very suspicious flower at the back of the cave. I believe it was called ‘Remnant of the Nightmare.’ To my further, further surprise, while I was getting a screenshot of the flower, something else in the background caught my eye. Something green … and walking. It was fading in and out so it was hard to get a good picture. In the end I had to wait until the apparition (which was untargetable and thus unnamed) was walking back out of the cave again so I could get a good picture.

At first I wasn’t completely sure who it was, but then after I logged off for the night I read the WoW Q&A Liveblog and saw the question and answer about Ysera and I knew I had to send this in to BlizzCaps before heading to bed. Specifically, I saw this: ‘Ysera was mortal after Twilight of the Aspects. Alex Afrasiabi says her spirit lives on and we shouldn’t assume she’s gone for good.’ So good news! The Dreamer may not have Awakened, but I have a feeling she’s still hanging out in the Dream!”

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