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Spiritual Guidance: Playing what you want as a healing Priest One of the most common questions asked when people make a new Priest is, "What spec should I be?" or "What is the best spec?" Well, I'm here to tell you there isn't one. Sure, you'll see high-end players playing one particular spec.

New Validated Doomsayers return to pester us in patch 7.3 They've been coming around since Cataclysm and they're not done yet -- our friends the Doomsayers have taken a level in Validation. These Validated Doomsayers just might have a point, really -- Azeroth reels from near-total destruction to utter ruination so frequently it's like watching a penguin with an inner ear infection get off of a tilt-o-whirl.

Patch 7.3 brings Violet Spellwing, other mounts, pets, and transmog items Patch 7.3 has a lot of new stuff coming that players would likely be interested in -- new mounts, pets, and even a few items for transmog hunters. Wowhead has the datamining reveals for all this amazing stuff, like the Violet Spellwing mount (a long-sought player favorite) and as soon as I drop a spoiler warning on you, I'll start linking them.

Blizzard Watch Ep. 129: Roomba of the Old Gods Welcome to episode 129 of Blizzard Watch's podcast! In this episode Matt, Anne, and Mitch have plenty to say on the games of Blizzard Entertainment while answering your reader emails.


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