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Datamining suggests four new races may be part of the next WoW expansion Intrepid dataminers have discovered a potential new World of Warcraft feature: numerous new playable races, or possible variations on existing playable races.  As of patch 7.3, the community has uncovered four additions in the "chrraces" file which includes all of the game's races that can equip armor, playable or otherwise. However, races that are not playable typically do not have values for display backgrounds on the character creation screen.

Upcoming Warcraft novel Before the Storm may link Legion to the next expansion Over the weekend, a tie-in novel for the next World of Warcraft expansion appeared on Amazon. World of Warcraft: Before the Storm is now available for pre-order.

Which game has the best Halloween event? We're in full Hallow's End swing here in the Blizzardverse, and pretty much every game celebrating brought something new to the table this year. In WoW, we not only have some totally fetch toys that will turn you into either the head or butt of a horse, we also have a new costume set to turn you into Malfurion's least favorite Satyr.

StarCraft 2 introduces new Ladder Maps for Season 4 Starcraft 2 will be getting a variety of new maps for the map pool when the Season 4 Ladder starts for 2017. But just in case you can't wait for Season 4 to start playing around with the new maps, you're in luck.


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