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Mione solos Helya normal in Trial of Valor While Mione can solo current (and harder!) content than most players are doing currently, like, you know, a full +19 Mythic dungeon, raid bosses still give a bit of trouble. That didn't stop her though, and the latest boss to fall to her solo endeavor is Normal-mode Helya.

Fel Lasher drop rate and Grand Lector Enaara fixed in latest WoW hotfixes Apparently Herbalists can get a pet from herbing in Argus. I certainly didn't know that, mostly because the drop rate has been so low that I've never seen one.

Today’s Live Show: Volskaya headed for Heroes and more at 3pm CDT Join us today at 3PM Central / 1PM Pacific for a live recording of the Blizzard Watch podcast! We'll be discussing news and more from around all of Blizzard's games, as well as answering reader questions and emails.

Junkertown map and hero changes now live in Overwatch If you've been wondering what's going on with Junkertown, you can stop wondering and start blowing things up, because Junkertown is live in Overwatch now.


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