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Blizzard Watch Week in Review: Welcome back, There's been plenty of news in the last week that we could talk about, but I'm going to focus on the only important piece of news: is back, baby! After playing on for over twenty years — it launched in 1996 with Diablo 1 — ditching the name felt like we we'd lost something.

WoW’s patch 7.3 music is amazing Music is just one of the things that creates so many memories in WoW. The music in Legion has been great, but we didn't really get anything new after the initial zone music, and one of the big disappointments was that the raids so far didn't really have unique music.

WoW’s arena pros give tips in new series In Blizzard esports, World of Warcraft's Arena competitions have less visibility than most of the others. They don't command the huge stadiums of StarCraft or the ever-increasing pots seen in the Heroes Global Championship.

Webcomic Wrapup: Internet dragons Internet dragons are, hands-down, our favorite kind of dragons. Do webcomic dragons count as internet dragons?


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