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Christie Golden is writing another Warcraft novel The last Warcraft novel by Christie Golden was War Crimes, but it looks like we're finally getting another one. Well, unless you count her Warcraft movie novelization and Warcraft: Durotan -- but while they were both good novels, they were set in a different continuity.

Tomb of Sargeras Wing 3 quick guide Get ready heroes, the third wing of Raid Finder is out today and ready for your queuing. This wing is the Chamber of the Avatar, and features two of the three remaining bosses in the instance โ€” The Maiden of Vigilance and the Fallen Avatar.

We don't quite have that conduit left, I worry.
Patch 7.3 Elemental Shaman changes raise Mastery cap, buff Earthquake As PTR testing for Patch 7.3 continues, focus has turned to a few class changes. This includes some tweaks to Elemental Shaman play, especially Mastery and AoE abilities.

Mione solos Court of Stars +19 Mione has done it again. Not content with soloing old content and previous tier mythic raid bosses, she has upped the ante with the challenge of current content.


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