Breakfast Topic: What just won’t stick?

In the vast game that is WoW, there are some pieces of information which just don’t stick in my brain — questions I find myself asking over and over again. What does my Monk’s Mastery do? Who knows! I better check … every single time I play my Monk. Alternatively, there are some old habits that don’t just die hard. They never die. Stormwind’s overhaul happened years ago now, all the way back in Cataclysm if I remember correctly, and I still try to use the wrong door to enter the Trade District auction house. That auction house has used the front door longer than it has used the side door … and yet I still run up to the closed-off side door to get in like it’s still 2004.


Level your alts to 100 with Legion’s demon invasions

We have less than a week until Legion arrives… and that may well be enough time to level every alt you’ve ever wanted to level, even if you haven’t started yet. (Okay, almost every alt. At least one or two.) No, really. In the past two weeks, I’ve leveled two alts to 100 and plan to max out a third before Legion’s launch. And I haven’t even put in all that much time — I know some people who have gotten a lot more levels on a lot more alts.

The speed at which you can level right now can only be described as ludicrous.

If you’re wondering just how I found the time to do all of this leveling, I’ll tell you my secret: it’s demon invasions.

Update: This was originally posted when the Legion invasion started, but for those of you still leveling alts, we’ve updated it with the latest info. Happy leveling!


Legion beta Artifact Power change clarified

If you aren’t in the Legion beta, you’d be forgiven for being confused as to how Artifact Power and Artifact Knowledge work. Any attempts to explain their function inevitably over-complicates the system. It’s like leveling up, but it’s your weapon instead of yourself, and the cost of new traits increases over time, but your rate of accruing power also increases over time, and … you get the idea. When you’re actually playing, though, it feels natural: You get the items you need at regular intervals and most of the work is done under the hood. You need to get hands-on with the system to eliminate the confusion — and potential intimidation.

That considered, it’s no surprise Watcher jumped into a recent thread on the beta forums to provide clarification for a recent scaling change. One-time Artifact Power quest rewards now scale with Artifact Knowledge, prompting players to wonder if the most efficient thing to do would be never turn in these quests (or loot treasures) until the rewards scaled sufficiently high. Sure, you could do that … but any advantage would be minimal at best.


Spectral Insight: Havoc Demon Hunter talents and the Momentum build

How do you do, fellow Demon Hunters? I hope you’re all a bit more accustomed to Legion and Demon Hunter life now that WoW has officially unleashed the Illidari on Azeroth. If you aren’t — or you just need another run-down of all things Demon Hunter — be sure to check out last month’s overview article for both Havoc and Vengeance specs.

If you’re feeling pretty good about your Demon Hunter, though, today we’ll be going in-depth with Havoc talents. If you want to know what to take for leveling, dungeoning, or even learn a thing or two about the fancy “Momentum” build, stick around! We’ll be covering it all after the break.


BlizzCaps: Making bedtime fun

“Today’s submitter is reporting live from Karazhan, where she seems to have found some sort of padded slide in Medivh’s personal quarters,” writes submitter Vlasa of ZOMG Bubbles on Argos (US-A). “I don’t want to speculate about what kind of nefarious fel behaviors he might have gotten up to in his own private quarters, but did he blink back up after sliding down? Also this ramp is very steep, so any possibility of Khadgar using this is right out. Nuke it with fire, I say.”

Want to see your picture here on BlizzCaps? Well, why not? Email your screenshots to, or tweet it with the hashtag #blizzcaps, and we’ll check it out. We prefer pictures with names turned off, and if you don’t want your screenshot to get caught in our spam folder, please use the word “BlizzCaps” somewhere in the email.


Today we podcast LIVE at 4pm Central

Join us today at 4PM Central / 2PM Pacific for a live recording of the Blizzard Watch podcast! We’ll be discussing news and more from around all of Blizzard’s games, as well as answering reader questions and emails. Can’t make the live show? No worries! Check back later this week and the podcast will be up on iTunes and other distributors for you to enjoy. Listen to the live show right here or head over to our Twitch channel.


Emerald Nightmare launches September 20, Mythic and LFR a week later

We knew the Emerald Nightmare raid would be arriving a short three weeks after Legion’s launch, but now Blizzard has given us a schedule for raid and dungeon releases. All of Legion’s dungeons will be open in Normal and Heroic modes on launch day, letting you start getting ready for harder dungeons and the expansion’s first raid. (And don’t forget: there’s plenty of gearing up to do via World Quests and Legendary drops.) Mythic dungeons will arrive shortly thereafter, available after the weekly dungeon reset about eight hours after launch. (And if you’re high enough level and well-geared enough to run them by then, we salute you.)

As promised, the Emerald Nightmare in Normal and Heroic mode arrives three weeks later, on September 20. Mythic keystones, which allow you to run Mythic+ dungeons (similar in spirit to today’s Challenge Modes), will start dropping in Mythic dungeons the 20th as well. Mythic and LFR Emerald Nightmare follow a week later, on September 27. As usual, LFR will open a wing at a time, each spaced two weeks apart.

Check out the full schedule below.


Legion invasions now spawning six at a time

With just a week left until the launch of Legion, the invasion is ramping up. Today, all six invasion zones — Westfall, Dun Morogh, Hillsbrad, Azshara, Northern Barrens, and Tanaris — are active at once. Each invasion still lasts two hours, so if you’re leveling alts or trying to get weapon drops, you should be able to hit them all while they’re up.

I’ve been running a lot of alts through invasions over the past couple of weeks, and if you’re still up for the grind, now you should easily be able to run an alt through all six before they refresh. The XP mobs and bosses are offering right now — whether you solo or fight in a group — can only be described as ludicrous. At the lowest levels, you’ll rack up multiple levels per invasion, and even up into the 70s and 80s it’s not hard to get a level per invasion with heirlooms. And if you invest in Elixirs of the Rapid Mind you’ll really be able to rack up the XP, possibly managing to hit two invasions before it wears off. (Try for Aszhara and the Barrens, which are the closest together, if you’re going this route.) If you haven’t tried leveling alts via invasions, we have a guide to help you out.

Now, while it seems odd to say “enjoy the Burning Legion invasion,” well… Enjoy the Burning Legion invasion while it lasts. Next week we’ll be taking the fight to the Legion on the Broken Isles and this event, which rains XP points from the sky, will be gone.

Update: We also have a new quest chain from Khadgar. More on it below, with screenshots — so skip it if you don’t want spoilers just yet.