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The Queue: It’s our Destiny 2 go to Argus

…Get it? Because Destiny 2 open beta starts today but also patch 7.3 and Argus are hitting WoW. It’s the cleverest play on words ever.

(I can’t believe I still have a job here.)

jabrone77 is stuck waiting and it is not fun:

Trying for Glory of the Hero achievement for the red proto-drake.
Does the old Northrend version of Violet Hold change bosses when you reset the instance, or does it go by weekly reset?
The Lockdown! achieve takes killing the 6 different bosses. Just trying to determine how long this will take.
Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately, Violet Hold (both new and old [hey, a rhyme!]) have a weekly boss rotation. I wish Blizzard would change this, because it makes the Glory of… achievements more of a game of waiting than a game of skill.

Orrine wants to slow down and savor life:

Q4tQ: do you that Blizzard rushes content? It seems that last raid of Legion will open a year after the expansion came out and we had a lot of stuff at this time (new isle and Argus, 3 unique big raids and 3 dungeons), I’m kind of tired of new content. It seems that I’ve just finished Broken Shore, did the raid a little and have taken a break from the game, and here we go again, Argus

At first, I wasn’t to answer with an “unequivocally, NO!” and leave it at that, but I actually do understand feeling overwhelmed with things to do. There are so many things in Legion I just haven’t done or outright forgot existed, the completionist in me is starting to acknowledge that I may just not do some things this time around.

But here’s the thing: The alternative (because this is Blizzard we’re talking about) is content that’s too slow, and that’s worse. I much prefer the Legion model of content to anything we’ve had in the past. It’s a lot at times, but I’ll take too much over not enough.

Galdwynn reminds me how much I love eating people:

Q4tMitch: If you could add something to Heroes from LoL or Dota 2 what would it be?

I wish I knew those games a little better, because I think this is a damn good question, but it’s been ages since I played League, and I’ve never actually played DotA 2. When I did play League, I always played as Cho’Gath. I wasn’t great or anything, but I loved the “Devour and grow” mechanic. His model is actually similar to Dehaka — who is getting a Devour-ish mechanic in StarCraft 2’s co-op — but I’d still love to see, if not him, someone with a mechanic that literally changes the size of the character.

That was one of my favorite parts of Cho’Gath — when you used your Devours right, everyone knew.

Cypher wins today with three questions:

QftQ: We all have our favorite WoW cinematics. Prompted from one of my comments below: which is your favorite (or top three favorite) NON-WoW cinematic(s), from Blizzard Games?

QftQ: Do Glyph effects transition from one specialization to the next? For instance, I’d like the normal (purple) floating spell shards when my Warlock is playing Affliction, but the Fire Shards while I’m in Destruction mode. Is this possible? Or are they universal when applied? Thanks.

So random QftQ: Do you put together teams (in your head) from the alternative skins in the Nexus and think about the potential stories if they actually TOLD stories? For instance: Purifier Artanis uses his superior programming to take control of Cyb’arak, Mecha Dehaka, Mecha Tassadar, and Probius to eradicate all organic life in the Nexus–in a battle where even the realm gods must struggle to survive.

Q1: I think it’s cheating a bit, but I’ll always remember the “succeeding you” and closing cinematics from Warcraft 3. Outside of the Warcraft universe, I was blown away by the Diablo 3 cinematics in general, but the battle in front of Heaven’s gates is the one that sticks out most.

Become a Watcher
Q2: This… isn’t something I really encounter as Shadow, since most of the spells don’t overlap with other specs, but the Glyph of Ember Shards appears to be specifically for Destruction only. However, according to Wowhead, “Glyphs are active by spec. They are not saved across specs. So if you want an ability to have the same cosmetic effect across all specs, you need to make and apply multiple of the same glyph.”

The more you know!

Q3: Man, I absolutely love doing this. I don’t always make up stories, but given the Space Lord Leoric promotional video and subsequent skins that fit the theme — not to mention the Kel’Thuzad cartoon that brings several universes together — I imagine someone at Blizzard is making up stories. I love the alternate-reality stuff Heroes makes possible, and I would love to see more official Blizzard stories around those realities.

Tauren It Up

Do I get an achievement for having my question in the queue but not getting an answer?

UsagiSennin used a bad word, but I adapted:

Q4tQ: I’ve been working on getting each class their mount (4 down, 8 to go…), however with the release of Argus there is likely going to be a substantial reduction in the number of people doing Broken Shore [bimplesnark]. While this will likely make some things easier, like finding 5 caches, other things will be much more difficult.
The 100 Sentinax macguffins is already tedious enough with a power-farming group, but trying to solo it 8x will probably cause something important to snap internally.
And the 3 Rare Elites isn’t usually bad with a group, but soloing them may be futile.
Has there been any changes to the requisite achievement’s quests in 7.3, or am I destined to go coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs?

As far as I’m aware, this hasn’t been changed in 7.3, and I imagine the 100 Sentinax thingies quest will still have Group Finder groups doing it all expansion. Tedious? Maybe. But with a group, it’s still pretty quick and easy to do. As for the elites, they’ll be much easier thanks to the item-level bump we’ll be seeing as a result of Argus gear.

Perhaps Blizzard will change some of this in 7.3.5 or 8.0, but for now, /shrug.

RetPallyJil reminds me of a time when I did a thing:

Since when is the “Elite: Lost Temple” quest a 12-day thing? That’s ridiculous.

It’s always been that way (as commenters pointed out), but when you counter the time-delay mechanics, it gets much shorter. Fun fact: You don’t want to forget to counter those. I once sent out a good portion of my follows on a 6-day mission (thankfully, I’d countered one time-delay) and, well… you can’t cancel that stuff. It was far too much waiting and far too little payoff.

Kalcheus Highmountain makes me look things up:

Q4TQ: So do you think 7.3.5 will hit the PTR next week or the week after?

I’m gonna say two or three weeks from now, leaning heavily toward two. Unless I’m reading too quickly, we haven’t had a PTR one week after a new patch, but they’ve all been within two or three. I can’t imagine that will change now — though what happens after 7.3.5 is slightly more questionable.

Mistah Jay… you know what to do:

2BE: Wrathion vs Chromie

Well crap, I like both of these bosses. In this case, I think Chromie has the upper-hand in any scenario that isn’t her “true” death. After all, this is basically the whole point of the Deaths of Chromie scenario. And, who knows, Wrathion could very well be behind that — but Chromie has enough knowledge of the timeline to avoid death until it’s supposed to happen. I don’t think Wrathion could find a way around that.

Happy Argus day, folks! Sorry if your question didn’t get answered here — y’all had a lot of them this week. Feel free to ask again today (or next week) if you still want an answer. Cheers!

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