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Overwatch free to play this weekend If you're one of the rare few who don't already own Overwatch, you're in luck. Starting November 17 through November 20, you can dip your toes into Overwatch and play for free.

The Dennis Hawelka Award, Rosterpocalypse and more in esports We’re starting to see an upswing in news as we get closer to a new season. However, that doesn’t mean we have lots of events to watch.

Moira’s skins, emotes, intros, and victory poses There’s a lot to love about Moira, the new support hero coming to Overwatch. She’s the first new support hero since Ana, and it seems like she’ll make for a challenging and robust addition to the meta.

Moira and latest Mercy changes now live in Overwatch with latest patch notes First announced at BlizzCon 2017, new Support hero Moira is now live in Overwatch on both consoles and PC. Moira is an agent of Talon who plays somewhat akin to a Discipline Priest in WoW.

“Honor and Glory” Director’s Commentary provides great insight into the cinematic If you were wondering what the story is behind Overwatch’s “Honor and Glory” cinematic that premiered at BlizzCon this year, wonder no longer! Blizzard’s just released a Director’s Commentary version of it, with director Ben Dai explaining what was going on when the team created the beautiful cinematic.

Overwatch interview with Jeff Kaplan and Bill Warnecke talks Mercy, Moira, and more There’s still a lot of info to parse through thanks to BlizzCon 2017, and a lot of that info comes courtesy of interviews, which take a bit of time to transcribe. One such interview occurred between Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan, Lead Software Engineer Bill Warnecke, and Reddit moderators turikk and BoozyPelican.

No, you won’t get banned in Overwatch for playing just one hero Recently there’s been a lot of discussion in the Overwatch community about “one-tricking.” We’ve all heard rumors of players who instalock Mercy and glide all the way up the ladder, or those nightmare instalock Widowmakers who refuse to swap even though they couldn’t snipe the broadside of a barn. There’s certainly something to be said for gaining...

Know Your Lore: Moira O’Deorain and Overwatch’s continuing mysteries Is there such a thing as going too far in the pursuit of science? Most would say yes, there is a moral line that shouldn’t be crossed.

Enjoy this horrifying, hilarious early Overwatch gameplay footage We wrote up the Overwatch BlizzCon 2017 panel last week, but given the surplus of information to come out of it, you may have missed one of the most incredible bits. And when I say “incredible,” I mean it — if anything, that’s not emphatic enough.

Blizzard has formed a “strike team” to combat Overwatch toxicity At this point, it’s a known quantity that Overwatch has a toxicity problem. Getting through an evening of play without being harassed by players who are theoretically your teammates is rare.

The evolution of Overwatch’s heroes Thanks to the Overwatch Archives panel at BlizzCon, I’m wondering if we’re ever going to get Firestarter, Recluse, or McCloud. In the panel, we were told a bit more about the genesis of Overwatch  — the Titan MMO project.

Moira’s arrival and more Mercy changes in latest Overwatch PTR The latest Overwatch PTR is here, marking the debut of new hero Moira, announced at BlizzCon 2017. Moira is a Support hero that can heal her allies or sap the life from her foes with devastating precision.

New skins, sprays and more coming to Overwatch early 2018 In the deluge of news from BlizzCon 2017, Overwatch got its fair share of announcements. Overwatch’s latest hero, Moira, is coming to the game, as well as the new Blizzard World map.

BlizzCon 2017: Overwatch World Cup, HGC, WCS, Arena Championship esports recap In addition to new information from all our favorite games, there were also some amazing esports events at BlizzCon 2017. Here’s a quick recap of all the action that occurred this weekend in Anaheim.

BlizzCon 2017: How Overwatch rose from Titan’s failure Ever wonder just how Blizzard went from the utter failure of Titan the overwhelming success of Overwatch? At BlizzCon, Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan and Assistant Art Director Arnold Tsang gave us a behind the scenes look Overwatch’s origins.

BlizzCon 2017: Inside the Overwatch League The commissioner of the Overwatch League, Nate Nanzer, started off the panel by talking about the general direction of the league. He talked about how they really wanted to inspire what they called “generational fandom,” which is a pretty easy term to grasp if you saw the stories after the Cubs won the World Series...