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Mitch @MitchFizzl

The Queue: What will become of the spooked Brutosaurs and their cargo?

When BFA is over and most of the game’s players are living it up in the Shadowlands, what do you think will happen to all of the spooked Brutosaurs and their cargo? Will Dazar’alor run out of supplies from all the destroyed cargo? Will the city become overrun with spooked Brutosaurs? Azeroth must know!

Anyhow, while you ponder the fate of NPCs left without player help, let’s Queue, eh?

The Queue: 100-year-old house

Wow, is it already Thursday? I mean, it isn’t for me. But it will be when you read this. I guess unless you live somewhere where it’s not or you’re another writer at the site and are peeking at this ahead of time.

Okay, let’s forget how time and days work and just say “Happy today, folks!” and then get on with The Queue. Sound good?

The Queue!

The Queue: 100 days to Halloween

Yes, believe it or not, today means we’re officially 100 days away from Halloween! …but we’re probably not going to have most of the usual shenanigans this year, which is a mega bummer. Oh well, I’ll still do my best to celebrate the spooOoOo0ky season when the time comes.

Until then, how about we Queue?

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