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Michael Mitchell

Michael Mitchell @MitchFizzl — Mitch spent his childhood in a dark cave being raised by feral penguins. While they were actually quite hospitable, Mitch always knew he was destined for something greater — the world of freelance video-game writing! And so he left his penguin herd at the age of 12 to fulfill his destiny. It took a while to make things happen, but eventually he reached the heights he knew he was always supposed to. He hasn't forgotten his humble beginnings, however. To honor the Arctic creatures who raised him and the cave in which said raising was done, he now writes about all things Blizzard while also spreading the good word of Shadow. One day, he will be the best Heroes of the Storm player in the world. He can usually be reached on Twitter (@MitchFizzl).

The Queue: Anyone who picks baseball is wrong

Hello, Queuebies!

It’s been a busy week since I last Queue’d for you, in all the best ways. That said, a side effect of my little trip to California was that, for the first time, I could not participate in this month’s Splatfest. Good news and bad news: Soccer won in popularity 60% to 40%, but lost overall because both solo-queue and team-queue battles only won 49% of matches.

Could I have made up that just-over-1% difference in wins had I been playing for Team Soccer? I wish I knew — not knowing will haunt me forever. Speaking of haunting, though, here’s a hauntingly beautiful Queue!