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Michael Mitchell

Michael Mitchell @MitchFizzl — Mitch spent his childhood in a dark cave being raised by feral penguins. While they were actually quite hospitable, Mitch always knew he was destined for something greater — the world of freelance video-game writing! And so he left his penguin herd at the age of 12 to fulfill his destiny. It took a while to make things happen, but eventually he reached the heights he knew he was always supposed to. He hasn't forgotten his humble beginnings, however. To honor the Arctic creatures who raised him and the cave in which said raising was done, he now writes about all things Blizzard while also spreading the good word of Shadow. One day, he will be the best Heroes of the Storm player in the world. He can usually be reached on Twitter (@MitchFizzl).

The Queue: One-Man Drinking Games

Happy Tuesday, folks! Who’s ready for some good ol’ fashioned Tuesday stuff?

Before I dive into your questions, I have a question for all of you: What song(s) do you know of that have the biggest contrast between sounding upbeat and happy versus lyrics that are sad/existential/totally not what you’d expect from the tune?

I’ll let you ponder that while I do some Queue.

The Queue: All hail the mighty Cube

It’s been a little while since I wrote about Fortnite in one of these intros, but it’s about time to do so again. Why? Because a few weeks back, the mysterious crack in the sky disappeared — but it left behind a gift! That gift was the mysterious Cube, which spawned after lightning struck the same area several times over the course of a day or so. When the Cube finally appeared, players noticed it would bounce them away if they touched it, as well as lash out at anyone nearby if attacked.

Then, it started moving.

It’s moved pretty far at this point, and it’s already left behind two runes surrounded areas of low-gravity. Oh, and at one point during the Summer Skirmish, it made everyone float — literally no one had seen that before or expected it (not everyone found it as funny as I did). All in all, the mystery of the Cube and where it’s going is yet another example of Fortnite keeping players intrigued through seemingly small changes that are clearly building toward something big.

Anyhow, I suppose it’s time we talk Blizzard, huh? This is The Queue.