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How do you know if a player has been playing since Vanilla? S/he will tell you!

Mitch (AKA Fizzl) has been playing World of Warcraft since Vanilla and has earned a PhD in Shadow doing so. When he’s not being a completionist in WoW, he’s likely playing Heroes of the Storm or off somewhere making amazingly groan-worthy puns (or, “Fizzisms” as they’re known around his raid team). His main goal in life is to make everyone play Shadow. He can usually be reached via Twitter (@MitchFizzl).

The Queue: Sci-Fi or Fantasy?

So, normally I wait until after the Splatfest has happened to tie it into a Queue, but this upcoming one actually asks a legitimately tough question: Sci-fi or Fantasy? Personally, I’m leaning Sci-Fi — the way I see it, Sci-Fi can technically encompass fantasy settings, but fantasy can’t encompass Sci-Fi. For instance, Futurama’s third movie or Doctor Who’s visit to any number of Medieval-like locations.

Some people, however, argue that as soon as a Sci-Fi show sets foot in a fantasy setting, it’s no longer Sci-fi, and therefore this “Fantasy within Sci-Fi” argument doesn’t apply. I say phooey to them! But I’m always open to disagreeing with more people, so let me know how you all feel about this conundrum, as well as the general Splatfest question in general.

For now, here’s The Queue.