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Mitch @MitchFizzl

The Queue: Mushrooms? No thanks, I’m a Star

By most estimates, it’s been several years since the last Splatfest. By a calendar’s exactimates, it’s actually just been a little over two months. Whatever your sense of time, it’s, ahem, time for a new Splatfest. This one’s in honor of Mario’s 35th anniversary and pits one power-up against another, much stronger power-up. I will be fighting on the side of Team Superstar. I may even be wearing my IRL Splatfest tee for the occasion!

However, that will all have to wait for tomorrow. Right now, it’s Queue time.

The Queue: Goodbye, 2020, and happy Queue Year!

I had the option of handing this Queue off to another writer. It’s a holiday, after all, and my gracious coworkers/bosses are kind enough to recognize that it’s okay to take holidays off. But the last Queue of not only the year, but of 2020 specifically? I had to write that.

So, please join me as we say [REDACTED] to 2020 with a Queuestravaganza!

The Queue: On the eve of Winter Veil…

Hello and happy Thursday, Queuemans! No matter how you do or don’t celebrate the holidays, I hope you are all having a great week and that this time of year isn’t too hard on you. And if it is, you always have myself, the Queuemans, and apparently a whole lot of “thank you!” bots to keep you company.

(For real, though, if this time of year is hard on you, please don’t hesitate to reach out <3)

Anyhow, let’s get our Winter Veil stockings hung, set some cookies out for Greatfather Winter, and have a sit in front of the Queuele Log.

The Queue: Tour guest

So how’s Torghast going for you all? The Shadestalkers this week are unbelievably overtuned, if you ask me, but whichever one doesn’t have them (totally blanking right now) feels a lot more difficult so. Rough week overall if you’re trying to push. I currently have a love/hate relationship with the place because hoo boy is it fun to get Catharsticks + health buffs and just one-shot things, but that build is dependent on, well, getting Catharsticks and health buffs. Without them, my runs feel like a non-starter.

Anyhow, enough about Torghast. Let’s Queue.

The Queue: Behind the times

I knew I hadn’t done a ton of PVP toward the end of BFA — but I didn’t realize I’d done so few that I’d completely missed the updated Deepwind Gorge map. It looks absolutely gorgeous, but I’m a little torn on it shifting to an Arathi Basin style BG. That’s not to say I loved the old style, though. I just kinda miss having a bit more variety in my BG types. (I also miss Strand of the Ancients, though, and I think that’s not a widely held opinion.)

Anyhow, enough about me not knowing things I should know. Let’s Queue.

The Queue: Zero Point

I’ve said it before — if not here, somewhere — but no game does in-game events like Fortnite does. This week, we got the Devourer of Worlds event, which put players up against Galactus, who could probably fit the entire Battle Royale island in the palm of his hand. It put players in the driver’s seat of the Battle Bus (the thing you drop from at the start of the match) for the first time ever, and it felt like a mix of Star Fox and Star Wars (Fox Wars? Star Star? It’s hard to make this portmanteau work…).

In any case, it was fantastic and the post-event cinematic confirmed that the game is a simulation of some kind, which is always fun. I wish more gaming companies would do events like Fortnite does.

But enough about that. We’re here to Queue.

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