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Michael Mitchell

Michael Mitchell @MitchFizzl — Mitch spent his childhood in a dark cave being raised by feral penguins. While they were actually quite hospitable, Mitch always knew he was destined for something greater — the world of freelance video-game writing! And so he left his penguin herd at the age of 12 to fulfill his destiny. It took a while to make things happen, but eventually he reached the heights he knew he was always supposed to. He hasn't forgotten his humble beginnings, however. To honor the Arctic creatures who raised him and the cave in which said raising was done, he now writes about all things Blizzard while also spreading the good word of Shadow. One day, he will be the best Heroes of the Storm player in the world. He can usually be reached on Twitter (@MitchFizzl).

The Queue: Sunnyland

By this time tomorrow, I will be in (or at least very close to) California. Even if the sum total of BlizzCon announcements this year are shrug-worthy, this is still the trip I look forward to every year — from the moment it ends right up until the next one. For those of you watching at home, I encourage you to make A Thing out of it with your fellow Queuemans. Grab popcorn/unhealthy food, drink of choice, and just spend the whole time chatting and enjoying the fact that you can nerd out with friends. For those of you attending in person… I hope to see you soon!

Now, let’s Queue.

The Queue: A very tricky Splatoween

I’m absolutely biased — because Halloween is the best holiday ever — but I think this may have been my favorite Splatfest so far. It was Team Trick versus Team Treat in an extra-long, 48-hour fight for domination. Naturally, I chose Team Trick because, well… have you met me?! On top of a fun theme and awesome ink colors (orange vs. purple), Nintendo also recently allowed players to download spooky masks. Totally free, and you got four of ’em to make this Splatfest even spookier than it already was.

All of the above said, Team Treat won (barely), and the Shifty Station this time was cool but the gimmick made for some frustrating choke points, so… Ah, who am I kidding? It was still awesome. I love October!

Oh, right. Queue time.