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The Queue

The Queue: A very good kitty <3

The good boi you see above is Rowie (R”ow”-ie not R”oh”-ie). My family got this cat when I was barely in junior high, and he had his 18th birthday just last December. Even though he was technically our second cat, he was the first one that I really bonded with. He’d been really attached to my sister, so after she passed, it was really humbling to see how much he clearly had missed me every time I was able to come home from college for a few days. He’s kept me company through many a gaming session, and he’s the cat that made me realize just how chatty and personable cats can be.

Unfortunately — and you may have guessed this by now — we just found out we’re going to have to say goodbye to him very soon. I could probably write a whole post on him, but to spare you any further sadness, I’ll just say this: He’s been a very good kitty, and I’m going to really miss him <3

Anyhow, last week’s outlook of “it can only get better” is not holding up too well. Let’s distract ourselves with a Queue.

The Queue: Last Frost Date

This is a joke, right? We had days in February where I was considering putting the electric blankets and thick coats into storage for the year, and now that I’m at my last frost date, it’s literally freezing outside? I could not be more over it.

This is The Queue, where you ask us questions and we’ll make a cup of hot cocoa before we answer because our fingers are too cold to type yet.

The Queue: Sleepy puppy

I’ve played my way through the Diablo 4 beta and gotten the achievement so I can have my very own sleepy puppy accessory once the game launches. Those clever jerks knew just what would get me to spend more time in the beta past the first few levels, and it’s apparently cute wolf-themed apparel. Good thing they didn’t have some sort of bear-themed things or I would’ve had to call in sick to work this weekend.

Before I jump back into the beta and do just a few more side quests, it’s time for — The Queue!

The Queue: Ob la di, Diablo

It just occurred to me that Ob La Di is an anagram of Diablo so I’m really wondering if there’s some secret meaning behind the song. Could Desmond actually be a rework of “D[iablo] Demons”? Could the “barrow in the marketplace” actually be a reference to the Gauntlet of the Wastes? It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that McCartney put references in all his works — after all, canonically the walrus was Paul.

While I consider whether Penny Lane is a road in New Tristram and download the Diablo 4 beta (85 gigs!) let’s answer some questions!

The Queue: The not so itsy bitsy spider

Whose idea was it to add tornadoes to the Mythic version of the Sennarth fight???? I’m not mad, I just want to talk.

This is one of those examples of a relatively tiny addition to making a fight ready for Mythic difficulty that has the effect of making me dislike the original fight even more! I already wasn’t the biggest fan of the Sennarth encounter, but now? Oh boy is it my least favorite in the Vault.

While I cross my fingers that we can squash the spider soon, it’s time for — The Queue!

The Queue: A long year

Without going into specifics, this has been a very long year already. The upside(?) is that that hopefully means the rest of the year only gets better. I’m going to hold onto that belief and give extra offerings to Yogg to help make that happen.

In the meantime, here’s a Queue.

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