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The Queue

The Queue: Bok

It has been one crazy week after another here, but A Thing™ I’ve been helping work on for a while finally made its way out into the world last night, and it’s been cool watching people react to and devour said thing. (Sadly, I still have to keep details brief for now.)

Anyhow, I’ve also been playing FFXIV a bit again, and, hoo boy, is that game a trip. I appreciate Square’s willingness to let it just be weird sometimes.

But enough about that. Let’s Queue.

The Queue: A lot can happen in a day

So just yesterday a murderer was convicted thanks to a herculean effort by a lot of people to overcome systemic racism, Jeff Kaplan left Blizzard, Jim Steinman died, and a whole lot more besides. It was a big day. On a personal front, I went to the doctor and found out I’m doing better health wise than I thought, which was nice, although I’m still a weird mutant who produces way too much iron. Sadly, it’s enough iron to make me sick, but not enough to grow steel hard skin or anything like that.

Anyway, let’s chat about Blizzard and games and stuff.

The Queue: Somehow, halfway through April

Anyone else feel like the month just started? This has admittedly been a bit of a tumultuous month for me, but even still, it’s hard to believe we’re halfway through it already.

But Jovan’s the expert on time, so I’ll leave that discussion for another day.

Right now, we Queue.

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