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The Queue

The Queue: this is fine.

We’re on week four of de facto crisis homeschooling, and yesterday I basically just let my daughter watch Nailed It for most of the day, and today I’m writing The Queue as quickly as possible so she can commandeer my computer for a Zoom meeting with her class. So I guess you could say I’m nailing it.

This is The Queue, where you ask us questions and we stave off existential dread for just long enough to answer them. Just long enough.

The Queue: Good luck charm

Last week I was talking about not being able to put Shad’har in his place. Turns out y’all might’ve been my good luck charms! The secret to our success? Not blowing ourselves up early in the fight — who knew! Next up on our docket is Mythic Hivemind so if y’all wanted to think good thoughts about that for me, I’d be ever so grateful.

While I’m waiting for my raid to get back from break I think I have time for — The Queue.

The Queue: Animal C-Rossi-ng

Seriously, try and search for ‘Rossi’ on a Queue page.

Anyway, I don’t have a Switch, but I’ve watched my wife play a lot of Animal Crossing and, well, I’m glad I don’t have a Switch. I am frankly terrified of what this game does to people.

Anyway, this is the Queue. I missed Wednesday because I was unwell. So here I am today.

The Queue: A long way to go

How’s everyone hanging in there? Hopefully okay. Me? Quarantine life is starting to get to me. It’s not the day-to-day so much (since mine has hardly changed) but more so the other, incidental things that are creeping up on me. Not visiting family for a weekend, not working from a coffee shop for even a few hours, and especially not knowing when any of that’s going to change. It’s exhausting.

Anyhow, in case quarantine life is getting to anyone, I want y’all to say something nice about another Queueman today. Go out of your way to make everyone here feel welcome and appreciated. Even that one guy. You know who I mean.

Now, let’s Queue.

The Queue: That dog is trouble

Shad’har is one bad dog. I don’t blame him though. Being raised by an Old God wouldn’t be the best environment to grow up in. Plus have you seen his dog house? It’s a weird flesh pit in the middle of a city that may or may not exist! Who wants to live in one of those.

I just had the pleasure of spending a night and a half working on Mythic Shad’har. There are a lot of moving parts and if I let my attention wander at all, it can quickly mean my offtank is going to die. Which has been hard, I was a raid shot caller for so long that it’s hard to turn off. I’ll be paying attention to all the other mechanics and suddenly I’ve stood in five puddles, and Shad’har has swallowed my partner. We’ve gotten close though! We’ll teach that dog to sit, stay, and rollover any pull now.

But since my raid week is over, it must be time for — The Queue.

The Queue: IT’S BEEN!… one week since I Queued at you

You may recall me being pretty excited about Animal Crossing: New Horizons last week. That hasn’t changed. I love the game. I want to spend every second playing it. I can’t believe I’m even here writing this right now when I could be in my town, saying hi to Isabelle or organizing my fruit orchard.

But instead of Queue and A(nimal Crossing), let’s have some Q&A, shall we?

The Queue: You are Meatloaf, yes?

So, true story. Back in 1995/96, I spent a year or so studying in London. It was pretty great — since it was part of a Theatre program at my college, I ended up going to something like fifty or sixty plays, including getting to see some amazing performances like Mark Rylance as Macbeth and Iain Glen as King Henry in Henry V, and I even met some cool people like Tom Stoppard and David Edgar.

But as cool as that was, I still remember with chagrin the day a family saw me out in public, ran up to me, and excitedly declared that they’d come to London to see me perform and asked me to autograph the program for the show. Confused, I looked at the program in the father’s hand, and it was for Meatloaf. Now, Meatloaf is a year older than my father and I really don’t see the resemblance, but no matter how often I demurred, they would all smile almost in unison and say You are Meatloaf, yes?

So anyway, that’s how someone out there has pictures of me with his entire family and a program to a Meatloaf concert signed I am not Meatloaf at the bottom. There was a very large expletive in that, but this is a family site and I trust you all to work it out.

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