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The Queue

The Queue is not playing Warcraft today

So I was really looking forward to hitting up Ny’alotha, but a Mac bug in patch 8.3 means my client crashes pretty regularly while doing any group content. I went into Ny’alotha for 45 minutes on Tuesday and had one kernel panic and four client crashes. So, yeah, we aren’t playing Warcraft today. And maybe not tomorrow. Or the next day. Who knows!

Okay, let me stop feeling sorry for myself and we’ll get into answering some questions.

The Queue: The other side of Azeroth

I always find it interesting when Blizzard implements views of Azeroth like the one above. It’s been tossed around several times in the past, but including those globes in Ulduar was a regret of Blizz’s. So the fact that they’ve done something like this in both Argus and the new raid (albeit with clouds covering the most interesting portions) is interesting to me.

Anyhow, enough of that. It’s Queue time.

The Queue: Wrathion? I hardly know Ion.

I mean we’ve never actually spoken.

I have to say, so far I’m enjoying 8.3. No more faction conflict, a whole lot of Old God nonsense around, and I get to raid on a Fury Warrior again despite being geared like a circus clown. Two bosses down and a third boss to 5% on our first night of raiding, not too shabby. I mean, I keep getting belts from every single Major Assault I do and the Minors seem to have forgotten that gear can drop, but overall, I like what’s happening now.

Here’s the Queue. Matt’s enjoying WoW again.

The Queue: All of the lore should be available in the game

I read all the tie in novels. I watch all the movies and cinematics. I pick up all the Chronicles, and I not only owned World of Warcraft The Roleplaying Game (it is, in fact, on a shelf in my office right now) but I bought Warcraft The Roleplaying Game back in 2003, a year before World of Warcraft even existed. I’m the guy who told everyone to buy Wolfheart and Stormrage. I own the Warcraft movie.

So when I say that I believe that you should be able to get all the lore you need to understand World of Warcraft by playing it, I’m speaking as someone who has made a concerted effort to pursue lore sources outside of that game. Absolutely none of that should be necessary. Blizzard has made strides, but they aren’t there yet, and I think they really need to be.

Anyway, it’s the Queue. I miss talking about prehistoric animals.

The Queue: Sell, sell, sell!

My favorite part about this patch isn’t the new raids or Assaults or anything like that. No, with the Auction House revamp, I might finally clean out my bank to a useable state! Sayonara to all those mats from the Garrison. Buh-bye, lowbie transmog gear. Hasta la vista, Pandaria veggies.

This is The Queue, where you give us questions, and we answer them. We promise we won’t hoard them in our reagent bank for five years. Oh, and while we’re here don’t forget to update your addons.

The Queue: It’s so cold

How cold is it you ask? It’s so cold that I heard Bolvar was setting up a new base of operations in the Firelands.

But seriously we’re looking at -35 Celsius temperatures over the next week, and all I want to do is hibernate. I mean I always want to hibernate — bears have the right idea — but more than usual I want to. I’m drinking a giant mug of hot tea, have put on my thickest socks, and have cocooned myself in a giant blanket all so I could be here. The only thing keeping me going is the thought of spending some time in the deserts of Uldum soon. Maybe answering your questions will make me warm.

Let’s Queue!

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