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The Queue

The Queue: Chaddius!

Is there a Steward in all of Bastion as amazing as Chaddius? I’m sure there are some that come close, but I can’t think of any with more personality just hanging out. It’s good that the Steward of the Day rotates otherwise I might just shower Chaddius with all of my extra purians.

While I go find more purians to give to Stewards, it’s time for — The Queue.

The Queue: Mushrooms? No thanks, I’m a Star

By most estimates, it’s been several years since the last Splatfest. By a calendar’s exactimates, it’s actually just been a little over two months. Whatever your sense of time, it’s, ahem, time for a new Splatfest. This one’s in honor of Mario’s 35th anniversary and pits one power-up against another, much stronger power-up. I will be fighting on the side of Team Superstar. I may even be wearing my IRL Splatfest tee for the occasion!

However, that will all have to wait for tomorrow. Right now, it’s Queue time.

The Queue: Mirror my malady, transfer my tragedy

It’s very important to find small good moments when life is dark. I don’t pretend to know what any particular reader of the site is going through, save that we’re all going through something. For me, it’s a lot of video games and a lot of just trying to keep moving. I hope you have something that gives you solace.

This is the Queue. Let’s look at what y’all have to say.

The Queue: Killer dance moves

My Guild killed Heroic Blood Council tonight in Castle Nathria, and let me tell you. It’s never not hilarious seeing a bear boogie down during the Danse Macabre. Here we are in the midst of a battle for our lives, and part of my survivability relies on me being able to prance and shimmy with my big old paws. It’s fantastic and I hope that there are more fights in future tiers with fun mechanics like this.

While I work on my sashaying it’s time for — The Queue.

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