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The Queue

The Queue: Have fun storming the palace!

This is the Queue, which on patch day is really just the waiting room for the new content switch to get flipped. That’s fine, I know y’all are just excited to go in new water zones. Water zones are always the best, especially when they’re infested with sentient, magic-using, telepathic fish people.

Did something just touch your leg too? I’m sure it was nothing.

The Queue: It’s almost time

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!

Just a day left until we’ll be wandering the watery wastelands of Nazjatar and poking around the gnomish paradise of Mechagon — are you ready? Honestly, I’m not sure what to do first — the war campaign, hitting up Nazjatar, delving into Mechagon, or just wildly playing with restriction-free transmog for the first couple of hours.

Let’s face it, it’s probably gonna be that last one, which conveniently enough leads into our first question of the day. Let’s get to it!

The Queue: Unicorns vs. Narwhals is not a Two Bosses Enter

Okay, I know last week I yelled at y’all for asking nothing but Two Bosses Enter questions, but I swear asking you to pick between Narwhals and Unicorns is totally different. I mean, Narwhals already won (rightfully so), which makes it more of a statement of victor. But still. It’s not the same.

Also speaking of Splatfests… next month’s is the very last Splatfest of Splatoon 2. It’s Chaos vs. Order, so you obviously know what I’m voting for, but it still makes me very sad. It’s going to be the end of an era, y’all.

On that sad note, let’s Queue.

The Queue: Baby Shark

We’re over a month into summer vacation now. My children are feral, living on scavenged freeze pops and peanut butter toast. The entire house is covered in a thin layer of sand. Baby Shark has been on repeat so long I hear it even when it’s not on. We’re about 2 weeks away from turning into Thunderdome. In the distance, sirens.

This is The Queue and right now, it’s a brief respite. Too, too brief.

The Queue: When will my reflection show

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!

I was pondering my extended and lengthy existence in World of Warcraft this week, and you know what’s missing? Mirrors. Even in the fanciest of fancy places, I cannot recall ever seeing a functioning mirror anywhere in Azeroth or beyond. Ever try standing in front of the mirrors in the barber shops? You won’t see anything reflected in them. They aren’t even in places like…I don’t know, tailoring shops or transmog shops where you’d expect to see a mirror. None of my characters have ever actually seen their own reflection.

You know what this means, right?

We’re all vampires.

The Queue: Really, though?

I fell down the Youtube video hole and found myself watching videos arguing about whether scythes were useful as weapons. One video argued no, another mentioned that the war-scythe was a thing but it usually involved taking the scythe blade and mounting it lengthwise so it was more like a standard polearm. The consensus seems to be that using a scythe unmodified as a weapon isn’t ideal — it’s not designed for it. So when I see WoW weapons like the Scythe of the Unmaker, I can’t stop thinking about how hard that weapon would actually be to use against someone else.

Then again, it’s World of Warcraft and I routinely use swords so ridiculously big they defy all reason, so come on, the Scythe of the Unmaker is almost sedate compared to Ashkandi or Armageddon. I mean, one of my favorite fist weapons is the hat of a dead Lich.

It’s the Queue. Let’s chat, y’all.

The Queue: Everyone is on time out

I’ve had a Queue title and theme all ready to go for today since Monday. Then I got to the comments on yesterday’s Queue and you guys asked about 5 pages of “Two Bosses Enter” questions and almost nothing else.

So you know what? You guys are on time out. You’re getting answers to the same number of questions you usually get (eight), and they’re pretty much all going to be about bosses entering. This is on you.

Sighs. Let’s Queue.

PS: Fantastic Queue header today is a cropped (sheered?) version of this very good art by @chootalks.

The Queue: Mass hallucinations

Crucible of Storms is a mass hallucination. Instead of trying to find this fictional place, wherever it may be, I think we should go out for a cup of coffee. Coffee is much better than hallucinating raid instances. Trust me on this.

In which Liz is trying to convince her raid leader of the above fact(s) and needs your help.

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