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Play The Lost Vikings and thousands of other, lesser DOS games at the Internet Archive

Okay, so that headline isn't fair, and it's not even completely accurate, but I have to admit I got pretty charged up reading this article over on Engadget about the Internet Archive's ongoing effort to preserve gaming history. The Lost Vikings is one of those pieces of Blizzard history that made everything we know today possible, and yet it's a game not many current Blizzard fans have actually played.

The Queue: There’s a better reality out there, somewhere

I think I’ve talked about Fortnite enough here (and on Twitter) that y’all know I enjoy the game. And, assuming you weren’t living under a rock and that rock somehow also didn’t get sucked into a black hole, you’re probably aware that the game recently had a world-ending event that led to nearly two full days of the game being offline with no official word from Epic on when it would return.

Well, the game’s back, and the map is brand new — but here’s the thing. There are a couple of areas on the new map with the same name and very similar layouts as the old map. And given the events preceding the black hole, it seems very likely that, canonically, this new map isn’t a new island, per se, but rather the same island as before… but in a different reality. The map is much prettier. It’s a lot more enjoyable. In short, it’s better without feeling too far from the island home of yore. So y’know maybe, just maybe, that means that there’s an alternate reality out there where things are better, brighter, and more fun. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if that’s a comfort.

Anyhow, let’s Qyeye.


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