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The Queue: The Beard Abides

It’s been a heck of a night. Toilet exploded and vomited sewage into my house. No, really. My dog was very upset with the repair guy. I’ve been up all night. It’s been real. Anyway, this is the Queue. That’s my beard. Let’s do this. No, I’m not doing the “Let’s Queue this” joke, I’m tired.

The Queue: Mitchagain

Let’s get one thing clear: When Adam asked if anyone could cover his Queue today, a not-insignificant portion of my reason for saying I would cover it came down to reading Lotharfox’s question below. It was, frankly, too good to pass up.

Also I’m still in Michigan and it still sucks. I’m not going to let this one go, despite several commenters claiming Michigan to be a great place. It’s not a great place. It’s just not.

All right, time to Queue (Queue).



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