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The Queue: Existential Seagull

Sharp-eyed readers may notice that today’s header image is one I tacked to the end of my last queue — if so I commend you for your observational skills and/or stalking behavior.

I saw a lot of gulls last week on my annual summer trip to North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Like most of the rest of the country it was pretty hot but not unbearably so; I was still able to do my normal resting and recreationing even if I read a lot more books than typical.

Of course all things good or bad must come to an end, so I’m back in the grind of things (the annual temptation to send in my work resignation from a beach chair was once again suppressed). While I sit here and ponder my next trip let’s answer some questions!

The Queue: Bus Stop Bird

You thought it was Anna… but it was me, Red!!!

I don’t own a bear named Rutherford Bear Hayes and I don’t have dozens of great literature recommendations, but I’ll still try my best to honor the age-old tradition of the Tuesday Queue as Anna enjoys her vacation.

I’m gonna play it safe: gotta go with Standard Tuesday Queue rules. Best of five, single elimination, no jackpot, winner takes it all.

So buckle up, birdos, and let’s Queue.


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