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The Queue: Maldraxxus is very much my thing

Maldraxxus is a very gross zone full of gross things — and I love it very much. I love every gloopy puddle of ooze, every disgustingly pockmarked hill, the slimes, the skeletons, the things that are both slime *and* skeleton, the cute little blood-sucking beasty that hatched from this hairy egg I found, just everything about it. I especially love the ultra-gross skinning nodes, giant warts. Whoever thought those up is a genius and they probably aren’t being paid enough.

I didn’t think I’d like it that much just hearing about it and poking around on the beta, but it’s grown on me — maybe even literally in some cases. It wasn’t enough to tempt me away from my friends the Venthyr, but it was close! Much closer than I would’ve thought. There hasn’t been a zone this polarizing in a long time, or at least one that I can remember. Just reading a lot of the comments from Friday there are a lot of people who don’t share my love of the gross stuff.

While I go play with the oozes, it’s time for — the Queue.


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