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The Queue: I unabashedly love Warfronts

Been running them nonstop on one of my three 120 characters and I love Warfronts. I love that they’re like PVP but allow you to do things like tank the enemy so they’re really rewarding for my Blood spec DK, or I can go in Arms and just go to town on people and if I die, it’s not a really big deal. I just think they’re extremely fun.

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The Queue: The Cube has reached its destination

It feels like just yesterday our little Cube overlord was making its first awkward roll through the land. But yesterday, the mighty Cube (a.k.a. “Kevin”) made it to what I can only assume is its final destination.

Upon taking a dive into Loot Lake, Kevin transformed the entire thing into a purple, glowy trampoline. It was really quite impressive, and — I can’t say this enough — a really fun way to tell a story via nothing but map changes. Give it a watch if you have a spare minute or two. Kudos, Fortnite! I await whatever is in store for Loot Thanos Lake next!

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