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WoWJun 24, 2015 8:19 pm CT

World of Warcraft hotfixes for June 24

World of Warcraft hotfixes

A new batch of hotfixes for patch 6.2 have just been released and posted on the official blog. Among the changes, equipment blueprint quests for the shipyard are no longer sharable, and the mission “I Sunk Your Battleship” has been removed as a prerequisite for Upgrading the Fleet. In addition, several adjustments have been made to the new Hellfire Citadel raid, and a large list of toys are no longer able to be used while in rated PVP matches. Read on for the full list of hotfixes.


Originally Posted by Rygarius (Official Post)

June 24



  • Horde characters should no longer incorrectly receive an item when attempting to use their garrison’s jukebox to play the track “A Siege of Worlds”.

Naval Missions

  • Sink or Swim: The naval mission was more difficult than intended and no longer has an Iron Horde Destroyer as a threat.

Creatures and NPCs

Tanaan Jungle

  • Akrrilo, Eyepiercer, and Rendarr are no longer attackable before jumping into the arena in Fang’rila.


Garrison Quests

  • A True Naval Commander: Fixed an issue for Horde characters where more than one NPC was offering the same quest.
  • Upgrading The Fleet: Completing “I Sunk Your Battleship” is no longer a prerequisite for this quest.
  • Equipment Blueprint quests are no longer sharable.

Raids and Dungeons

Hellfire Citadel


  • Kormrok’s Empowered Explosive Runes that have reformed inside the Foul Pool should now correctly still be able to deal damage to the entire raid.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause players that had just left Gorefiend’s stomach to incorrectly be sent back in.
  • Monks with an active Zen Sphere while affected by Shadow of Death should no longer be getting stuck before being transported into or out of Gorefiend’s stomach.

Shadow-Lord Iskar

  • Eye of Anzu should now correctly protect players from the effects of Shadow-Lord Iskar’s Phantasmal Winds.

Socrethar the Eternal

  • Fel Prisons should now be able to correctly trap Sargerei Shadowcallers.
  • Soulbound Construct’s Reverberating Blow should no longer incorrectly pull mobs from outside of the encounter.

Fel Lord Zakuun

  • Dark Devourer’s Collapse ability should now correctly deal damage.
  • Shao’ghun’s Shockwave ability now deals less damage.


  • Archimonde’s Desecrate ability should no longer deal damage to pets.


Toy Box

  • The following toys can no longer be used while in a rated PvP match.
    • Burning Blade
    • Corrupted Primal Obelisk
    • Dazzling Rod
    • Ghostly Iron Buccaneer’s Hat
    • Jewel of Hellfire
    • Podling Camouflage
    • Skull of the Mad Chief
    • The Perfect Blossom
    • Throbbing Blood Orb
    • Vial of Red Goo


  • I’m a Soul Man: Fixed an issue that caused the achievement to be incorrectly awarded.

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