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The QueueSep 28, 2015 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Diablo 3 seasons, crafting in Legion, and more

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!


what do you want to see in crafting come Legion?

More interactivity. I want something beyond using your gathering skill, then mashing them together. I’d like to see different activities integrated into tradeskills, additional things you can do while questing/doing dailies/dungeons/whatever to gather varying materials or item upgrades. I know not everyone likes tradeskills, but I think Blizzard can get away with integrating your professions into actual max level content. It was discouraging to see Warlords of Draenor take the total opposite approach — making tradeskills more passive than ever.

As a very rough example, a wider array of materials would be pretty neat, I think. With all this talk of our artifact weaponry being made of parts of dragons or whatever else, why not integrate that into professions? Back in the day, dragon scales were used in making mail armor. Why not gather fragments of various creatures throughout the world? Maybe blacksmithing needs to perform challenges to gain access to a mystical forge. The details, honestly, don’t entirely matter to me — I’d just like to see tradeskills become full activities.


Got any ideas for an Overwatch hero? A lot of archetypes are still unfilled, and I think a lot of us has got a slumbering idea for something we’d love to play. So, if you had the chance, what would you pick?

At this point, I’m mostly curious if Overwatch will delve deeper into the fantasy/supernatural elements of comic books. Other than Reaper, the current Overwatch cast is primarily founded in sci-fi. They all have high tech guns or power armor. Or they’re mechs, or just people who are physically fit. Are we going to get any witches/wizards? Are we going to get supernatural creatures? Will we get superheroes with actual superpowers? Instead of our sound-based hero having something like the Canary Cry, Lucio has a speaker-gun. I’d really, really love to see more Overwatch heroes that aren’t reliant on technology for being awesome.

Even more characters like Tracer or Symmetra would be great. Their powers are founded in science, but they’re a bit more interesting than having neat guns. Tracer teleports. Symmetra conjures constructs. They feel like superheroes to me.

Yes, I understand Overwatch is an FPS and so every character will shoot something, but those examples I just gave — Tracer and Symmetra — both shoot things and feel like really interesting superheroes.


If there were a class change you could have undone, what would it be?

Do something with paladins other than give them holy power. While we’re having all of these conversations about the fantasy of a class, combo points are nowhere in my fantasy of the paladin. Since that change, I haven’t play my paladin nearly as much, so I haven’t put much thought into what I’d do instead. All I know is none of the specs felt right to me after they went in. I didn’t feel like a vigilant guardian as a holy paladin. I don’t feel like a crusading champion as retribution. I didn’t feel like a stalwart defender as protection. Everything felt like a weird mixture of a bunch of other classes, and if I wanted those things, I would play those other classes. Paladins receiving holy power pushed me to my rogue. If I was going to play with combo points, I’d use the real thing.


What am I missing out by not doing Diablo Seasons? And what part of it is still available, and which part is gone forever?

From our resident Diablo fiend Megan O’Neill: “Pet, portrait, seasonal achievs/conquests are all season-only. You get a chance to play with the new legendaries in the season – I am not 100% sure if those drop in regular after the season, because I always play the season & thus have the new legendaries.”

The season is still ongoing and is likely to be for at least another month and probably a little more.

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