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The QueueNov 16, 2015 11:00 am CT

The Queue: I’m back

World of Warcraft: Illidan

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!

This is my first Queue since I flew out to BlizzCon. I hope my question-answerin’ fingers haven’t picked up any rust.


Rumor has it that Blizz removed all gold, honor and conquest from the 6 month banned accounts. Is this true?

I can’t give a firsthand account given I wasn’t banned, but I have seen reports of that, yes. People who are getting their accounts back after that 6 month suspension are getting them back with a notice all of their currency has been removed. They get their accounts back and they get to play again, but that punishment will hopefully teach them a harsh lesson.


So i am leveling a warrior past level 5 for the first time… I chose Fury. Now at level 25, i seem to do plenty of damage, but why does it seem like i am doing nothing but waiting for Bloodthirst to proc?

Fury Warrior is probably one of those specs that didn’t survive the ability pruning/rearrangement very well. There are certain classes who feel like they don’t get a decent set of abilities until fairly late in the leveling process — relying on one or two spells for quite a long time, spells which aren’t necessarily the ones they’ll be using endgame. I don’t have a Fury Warrior so I can’t say exactly how that one plays, but there was some weird stuff with my leveling stream warlock, like getting procs to cast a spell for free — and I didn’t actually have that spell yet.


Do you think illidan will get his Warglaives back? If so, was our looting of them non-canon? if no, who will Blizz say took them?

Players acquiring lore weapons has never been accepted as story canon. Now and then they’ll add an easter egg for characters who possess those weapons — such as Illidan commenting on you having his warglaives in the Caverns of Time dungeon — but players actually having those things isn’t recognized long-term.

Players could acquire Corrupted Ashbringer, but it was ultimately in the hands of the Ebon Blade (and then purified for Tirion Fordring) later on. Players could get Atiesh, but Khadgar is carrying a staff that looks a hell of a lot like Atiesh, even if it hasn’t been explicitly pointed out as being Medivh’s staff. So yes, I expect Illidan will have his warglaives. Wherever Maiev took his body after we stomped him, his glaives are probably there, too.


So, tomorrow I’ll have 700 gold in Hearthstone. I have the first two wings of Naxxramas and none others. Should I purchase another Adventure mode wing? Or should I just dump all that gold into packs? I like playing as Priest, Mage, and Druid, but I’m not too adverse to any class, except maybe Shaman. Not a huge fan of overload.

Matticus copy/pasted this question and answer to me, so this answer comes from him. If your name is wrong, blame him for that, too. Everything is Matticus’s fault.

“Pick up the first wing of Blackrock Mountain. You’​ll be able to unlock Emperor Thaurissan. For 6 mana, he’s a 5/5 body that makes the cards in your hand 1 mana cheaper every turn he stays alive. He’ll fit right in with your Priest, Mage, or Druid decks.”

So do that.

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