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Overwatch 2 > VideoJun 9, 2016 7:00 pm CT

Watch a riveting badminton match in Overwatch

Often, the most fascinating aspect of Blizzard games is watching what the community does with them. Fan works, fan projects, and fans’ usage of a game’s ruleset sometimes take on a life all their own. In this case, a number of Korean players turned Overwatch into virtual badminton using Genji’s Deflect in a no-cooldown custom game environment. Using Junkrat’s grenades as a shuttlecock and two people playing Mercy to form a net, we get to watch the most high-stakes match of doubles badminton ever. As far as I know, real shuttlecocks aren’t at risk of exploding at any moment.

The ingenuity and sheer joy of badminton with explosives and cyber ninja gives me hope for future player-driven rulesets. What we need now is a flag mechanic in Overwatch so we can play American tackle football with a dozen Reinhardts. Heck, let players pick up the basketballs in the Overwatch spawn rooms. Job done!

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