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Join the Blizzard Watch crew for more D&D adventures tomorrow, November 23

When last we left our intrepid band of somewhat merry adventurers, Liz Harper, Anne Stickney, Cory Taylor, Joe "Lodur" Perez and Deb Montague (along with Mitch "Mitch" Mitchell, who won't be joining us this weekend unfortunately) were still exploring the mysterious island they found themselves stranded on after waking up in a volcano lair, being chased by a dragon made of lava, having an altercation on the beach with a bunch of Kobolds, and now, after a run-in with a mysterious shape shifting individual with unclear loyalties they've spent the night in an ancient building.

Off Topic: Are we seeing the return of linear, closed world gaming?

I don't know if the term closed world makes any sense per se, but considering that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ushered in the term 'open world' and it's become synonymous with a certain kind of gameplay experience -- also known as sandbox games -- I thought I'd talk about whether or not gamers are finally ready to embrace games which don't subscribe to that philosophy.

Off Topic: The Outer Worlds is a welcome anomaly in today’s engagement focused game industry

I haven't finished The Outer Worlds, and that's because I have a lot of stuff to do before I fly out to California this week and so this is less a full review and more a preview -- for full disclosure I'm up to level 19 or so and stuck in pretty deep into the world Monarch, or Terra 1, after starting out on Terra 2 and the Groundbreaker.

Play The Lost Vikings and thousands of other, lesser DOS games at the Internet Archive

Okay, so that headline isn't fair, and it's not even completely accurate, but I have to admit I got pretty charged up reading this article over on Engadget about the Internet Archive's ongoing effort to preserve gaming history. The Lost Vikings is one of those pieces of Blizzard history that made everything we know today possible, and yet it's a game not many current Blizzard fans have actually played.

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