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The Queue: Hard work pays off

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With the Blood of Sargeras being bind on pickup in Legion, can you gain enough of the bloods to effectively craft gear without a gathering profession as well?  My main is a jewelcrafter/blacksmith, and I am concerned I won’t have enough bloods from World Quests alone to regularly craft gear.  I use an alt to mine for my main, and I don’t want to have to fish for bloods for crafting.

You’ll probably be in a world of hurt in Legion. Getting Bloods is going to be a slow, grueling process without gathering professions. That’s the reason I kept my gathering professions in Warlords despite all of my friends asking me why I bother when the garrison provides all of your necessary materials. I was future-proofing myself. Just because the garrison provides them now doesn’t mean the garrison will always be there. Dropping my gathering profession for another crafting profession is pointless when I’ll just need to flip back later.

For people who are already dual-crafting, I know the situation sucks. But there’s a reason I have a Blacksmith/Miner and an Alchemist/Herbalist rather than Blacksmith/Alchemy and Mining/Herbalism.


Warcraft.  Is watching it in 3D worth it or should I stick with 2D?

I don’t go to the theater to see very many movies and I think Warcraft is the only movie I’ve ever seen in 3D. I only saw it in 3D because that was the only option available at my local theater. I did not enjoy it. It was distracting, gave me a wicked case of eyestrain, and gave me a lot of issues seeing the background of a scene. I wanted to keep an eye out for easter eggs and all that but it was a blurry mess. Plus the whole issue of wearing 3D glasses over my real glasses, which was not comfortable in the slightest.

I don’t know if those are 3D problems or problems with me RE: 3D. But I am never going to see another 3D movie. If 3D is my only option, I’m not going to see the movie.


Will this question make it into the queue?



do we know how becoming a warlock works in universe? Can you train in fel like mages do arcane or must it come from Legion?

I’m not sure if there’s any specific canon about this, but it seems to be treated much like a dark form of magic. Mages learn their particular school of magic, then dig deeper into fel magic and walk that road. In-game Warlock class trainers seem to have formed actual schools for teaching fel magic in the dark, hidden places of capital cities. I quite like the idea of player character Warlocks learning to force the Burning Legion into submission. That, to me, is way more badass than the Demon Hunter eat-a-heart thing.


another naga, or a g600, nyth, or scimitar. Hours researching, still undecided… :/

I use the Logitech G600. I’ve had a total of three Razer Nagas and they all crapped out in 6-12 months. They’re way too expensive for something that wears out so quickly. There are few products I’ve purchased where I felt the company was totally screwing me over but the Naga is one of them. When looking for a Naga alternative, I found the G600. I’ve been using it for slightly over a year now and it works just as well as it did the day I bought it.

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